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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Folk World





“Hearing a band use such an eclectic range of instruments, and yet still writing accessible songs, absolutely floors me. If you wanna hear something that stands on its own against just about anything; listen to this band. ”
- Race - Shore Alternative


“Exotic, passionate, and seductive. No, it's not an ad for a new sports car or a Brazilian model. It's the self-described Indie/Latin band, Jác that is taking hold over Mercer County's music scene. Jác is not just some rock group which happens to have played a few shows around town. They are real musicians who play any instrument they can get their hands on, which allows their shows to incorporate elegant transitions in which a singer becomes a trumpeter, the upright bassist and drummer create moaning backup harmonies, and the violinist swaps for an accordion. The diversity of instruments helps to create the sexy, surreal sounds that differentiate Jác from other bands. So, without making a mockery of the the Latin music that inspires them, Jác is able to produce melancholy, exotic music with the precision that is beyond the rocker wannabes. ”
- Anna Bosted - College Voice (Mercer County)


“Last night we stopped in at the venerable Ace Hotel in Manhattan, and as we sat there drinking out coffee from the good folks at Stumptown, we were fortunate enough to catch a set from New Jersey natives Jác. The band manages to grab ahold of a truly unique sound, and with enough technical aplomb that it caught our ear immediately. Their sound ricochets between pop and folk, quiet and loud, subtle and brazen. They do so with a solid dose of multi-instrumentalism, featuring (among other things) a trumpet, mandolin, and accordion. Jác has a number of upcoming shows, and we encourage you to check one out. These folks know what they're doing, and they do it right. ”
- Hippies Are Dead


“Every sunday in the lobby of the Ace Hotel in NYC they have a few bands play. It's a really interesting space for live music with it's ultra high ceilings and lounge couches. A few weeks ago I caught Jác's set and it literally stole my heart. The incredibly talented five piece from New Jersey filled the space with beautiful music that almost brought me to tears. Constantly switching instruments ranging from accordions, violins, stand up bass', pianos, ukuleles, and guitars to name a few, they performed songs off their record A Dull And Brilliant Life”
- Erika Ordoñez - Off The Radar

"The Man Behind The Ace Empire"

“WALK into the Ace Hotel, on the corner of Broadway and 29th Street, at any given time, and here is what you may find: The band Jác might be playing in one corner of the vast lobby, their horn-and-accordion tunes bouncing off the century-old mosaic floor, the dark wood paneling, the 17 1/2-foot white columns.”
- Matt Gross - The New York Times


Our proudest accomplishment as a band happened last March, when our music video for the song "Polar Bear Trophy" was selected to and played first out of 25 at the 2011 SXSW Film Festival in Austin, TX. During our visit to support the video, we were able to also play a show at this amazing event!

Our debut full length and only current recorded product, "A Dull and Brilliant Life", available to listen on our EPK, has definitely garnered the attention of many listeners in New Jersey, New York City, and Philadelphia.

We have received radio airplay on 90.3 The Core in Piscataway, NJ as part of Rutgers University radio, and we are working through the process currently with other pertinent local and student radio stations.

We are currently working on recording new music.



Jác is a folk music group that delivers slightly unconventional pop songwriting through the influence of European, Latin, and American stylings. Utilizing an array of primarily folk instruments, including accordion, ukelele, mandolin, brass, woodwinds, and violin, in addition to a more conventional core of guitar, keys, bass, drums, and group vocals, the band strives to produce a unique and provocative sound that is extremely accessible. Based in Brooklyn, NY, the band is continually looking for opportunities to broaden its reach to play in new places and build a strong and diverse fan base.

Chief songwriter and founder Ritchie Monteiro formed Jác behind the inspiration of years of admiration of folk and world music, wanting to put his own twist on it to make a unique yet still pop-friendly sound. The group is entirely composed of multi-instrumentalists, all with different musical backgrounds and influences both classic and contemporary. Some of these influences include icons such as the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Paul Simon, most of the music from the 90s, along with more classical and world influences like Yann Tiersen, Kocani Orkestar, Zlatne Uste Brass Band, and Jorge Ben respectively. The band has been spoken about in the same breathe as current projects such as Beirut, The Decemberists, Neutral Milk Hotel, Calexico, DeVotchKa, Sufjan Stevens, A Hawk and a Hacksaw and Andrew Bird whom are also very influential to us.

Drawing from so many diverse musical influences allows the group to conduct live performances that are varied in tone and style from one song to the next, constantly engaging the audience with different moods at every chance. By Monteiro’s side, members Tommy Millet, Katie Campo, Bobby Hackimer, and Todd Stambaugh continue to expand their range of musical abilities to keep the band evolving and progressing. Currently working on recording new music and a fresh online identity, the band plans on having a very busy 2012 revolving around saturating our closest Metropolitan scenes with our sound, as well as touring outside of that as much as possible to broaden our reach and expand our fan-base.