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Jacob and Lily

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Band Folk Acoustic


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"Pretty Blend of Ethereal Pop, Folk, and Americana"

The Cathedral Album Review:

"Jacob and Lily are Canadian folk duo Karla Adolphe and Caleb Friesen. Their 2006 debut The Cathedral features a pretty blend of ethereal pop, folk and Americana, with exotic flourishes courtesy of world percussion instruments. The album was recorded in a theatre, restaurant, church, and the artists' homes to capture the band's organic sound. Like Rose Palenzani, I discovered the music of Jacob and Lily when they were named finalists in the Mountain Stage NewSong Festival - Jacob and Lily were chosen to perform at live at the venue.

The opener "I'll See You Off" is an unusually beautiful and haunting piece of Americana, while "Ruby" is a more standard and catchier folk tune. The chill-producing keens and piano ballad beginning of "Build A Tower" give away to a hypnotic display of percussion. It as well as the slightly softer strings of "Lucky Stars" show that Karla's voice has a range and power to rival Erika Wennerstrom of Heartless Bastards.

'Hush' is the perfect title for one of the quieter ballads on the album, as Karla's voice is an angelic whisper over the gentle instrumentation with the exception of the occasional wail. The rest of the songs may not stand out as much individually, but the whole is unique and lovely."

Muruch, Entertainment Blog
http://muruch.blogspot.com - Muruch, Online Entertainment Blog

"The Cathedral 8.5 out of 10"

Jacob & Lily are an acoustic-driven, roots/pop duo from Winnipeg. Their music pays homage to a folk spirit, although the music has pop overtones. To the pair's credit they don't go so far with the pop as to water down the music, leaving it little more than sugar-coated verbiage set to music. There is great depth to the music here. They honour the roots style in that regard, keeping the music important.

Jacob and Lily are Karla Adolphie and Caleb Friesen, who cover all the instruments here, although it is important to note as roots music often is, the instrumentation is kept relatively simple here. It provides a nice compliment to Adolphie's voice, which has a haunting quality, and is clearly the strength of this material.
In reading about the duo, some have likened Adolphie to Sarah McLaughlin and Jann Arden. Both are fair comparisons. There are certainly vocal elements shared by Adolphie and McLaughlin, and since she is the writer here too, I see flashes of the same lyrical style of early Arden.
Yes, that's just how good this young lady is.

Friesen for his part, as the percussionist is a good match, willing to take a back seat to the talented songstress, but in so doing, adding a richness to the material.
This CD has several songs which are very rich. Adolphie has a practiced hand in writing songs too, and the duo's style allows the words to be the focus for the listener's consideration and understanding. I particularly like I'll See You Off, Ruby, End of Play and Hush.

That is one of the things that is truly pleasing here, Adolphie wants the listener to get inside the song with her. She gives you the words in a crystal clear fashion, hoping you will turn them over in your mind to better share the emotions and messages woven into the lyrics. Too often these days the words seem secondary to the material groups are offering. Jacob & Lily understand that following a roots path means keeping the lyrics at the forefront.
This is a duo that would be great to hear live in a small, friendly venue over a cup of coffee.

Calvin Daniels
Yorkton This Week
Yorkton, SK Canada - Calvin Daniels, Yorkton This Week

"One on One"

"I believe the key to being a great artist is to have a great love for the people who are listening. Karla Adolphe and Caleb Friesen are those types of artists, and I think Karla’s freshman album release, Come Home, reveals a very strong voice and some even stronger convictions about caring for others and dealing with real life."

Ben Pasley
Worship Circle Records & Blue Renaissance Creative Group
Colorado Springs, CO
- Ben Pasley (www.entertheworshipcircle.com)

"VenusZine Band of the Month"

It may seem a bit odd that Karla Adolphe and Caleb Friesen — the two musicians who comprise Jacob and Lily — are neither named Jacob nor Lily. However, a closer look into their world reveals the meaning behind not only their name, but their mission as artists.

Stemming from a conversation about what they want their music to represent, Adolphe and Friesen chose their name from one of the oldest texts in existence: the Bible.

“It became obvious that we both loved the story of Jacob where his name was changed to Israel as a sign of a deeper work within his life and character,” Adolphe says. “We chose Lily, as opposed to Israel, because we wanted a female counterpart to represent the guy/girl duo, and that name means ‘pure and innocent,’ quite the opposite of ‘deceitful,’ which is what Jacob means. It represents the duality we all face of who we aim to be and who we are in this very moment.”

If there’s one thing Jacob and Lily know, it’s who they are. Joined by Adolphe’s husband Gary, dog Sampson, and a load of instruments, the two musicians travel from show to show in their own version of a tour bus — a 35-foot motor home they permanently reside in.

“See, the thing about us is we want to share a message with our audience and the music industry that we are defining the terms of our success,” Adolphe says. “Success is playing music every day, seeing the country, meeting incredible people and actually having time to have a coffee or chat with these incredible people. That is who we are, so selling our homes and quitting our jobs to tour full time in an RV seemed to be the best way to accomplish our goals and be ourselves.”

Jacob and Lily’s full-length 2006 release The Cathedral, is no exception to the uniqueness of their story. In order to capture unique, organic sounds, the album was recorded in several Winnipeg locations, including a church, a restaurant, and their former home.

“It was a very intense experience, as we were selling our house and transitioning into full-time RV life at the very same time,” Adolphe says.

With 70 shows and 500 copies of The Cathedral sold in 2007, Adolphe and Friesen are proud of what they’ve accomplished during the past four months of touring. “Grassroots marketing, booking, and promotions [are] a lot of work, but very rewarding,” Adolphe says.

The duo also hopes to get its message across to the audience. “We feel we carry a responsibility to sew seeds and ‘stir the pot,’ so to speak,” Adolphe explains. “Our music serves our message, which is to be yourself, redefine lifestyle and success, and find a lifeline to feed your spirit as you allow yourself to be you.”

Caryle Wisel
venuszine.com - VenusZine

"Dynamic Duo"

Manitoba's "Dynamic Duo", Karla Adolphe and Caleb Friesen, deliver a one-two musical punch during a live performance.

Lindsay Jane
MB singer/songwriter
& owner of the Solid Ground Arts and Coffee Room – Lorette, MB
- Solid Ground Arts & Coffee Room


"(Ruby) A really a strong song; makes me look forward to hearing more music
from them"

Adam Lewis, The Planetary Group
Boston, MA USA - Adam Lewis, The Planetary Group


The Cathedral Album Review:

The Cathedral is a poignant reminder that music is everywhere around us, and not limited to a studio setting… For a relatively new partnership, there is an audible chemistry between Jacob and Lily which is complemented by frequent flashes of brilliance in their songwriting… We look forward to hearing more from and about these very ‘real’ artists, and are proud to showcase them on CAFÉ 100 alongside the seemingly never-ending talent Winnipeg artists have to offer.

Café 100.7 FM Music Department
- Cafe 100.7 FM - Winnipeg

"Canadian duo releases thoughtful, intimate CD"

Jacob and Lily, a duo from Winnipeg, Manitoba, performing roots, pop and folk music, consists of neither a Jacob or a Lily, but music artists Karla Adolphe and Caleb Friesen.
But that's hardly the biggest surprise of the groups first CD, "The Cathedral Project."

The album was recorded in a theater, restaurant, church and their homes in an effort to "capture raw and organic sounds that represent our thoughts and feelings about our music and the world that we live in." The intent was to create a "journey of conversation, community and the interaction between creativity and people," according to the liner notes.

It was an earthy — almost impetuous — process. Some songs were recorded in front of a handful of friends at a local eatery. The final track, "Hold Onto You," was recorded minutes after it was written in Winnipeg's All Saints Anglican Church. Yet the song is so measured, it could hardly be mistaken for a rush job.

The process helped to shape a stripped down yet engrossingly heady final product. The multitude of delicate layers in the music mesh to form a strong sound — both familiar and refreshingly new.

Adolphe's voice careens through melodies with a surprisingly meaty amount of soul considering the album is a gentle listen. That full-bodied sound rises to all-out power on tracks such as "Ruby," where Adolphe manages to hit a near-full belt without shattering the easiness of the song's atmosphere. But she can also compose herself into a hush as if confessing the most sensitive secrets.

All the while, Friesen's myriad rhythm-scapes move underneath, sometimes an emphasis on the music, sometimes ethereally elusive. The painstaking attention to detail in the percussion is most compelling on this album, particularly on the opening track "I'll See You Off," in which Adolphe's rich, silky vocals are delicately accented with tinkles from a triangle or chimes and balanced by warm drumbeats.

The cello accents playing off Friesen's percussion toward the close of "Build a Tower" have the quiet dynamics of a nagging thought in the back of the mind.

The album's only shortcoming is that a steady similar tempo meanders through from beginning to end; one that seems to evolve at times, but not really to ever change, without inspirations enough to shake up the pace. But if that's the weakest link, what's left is still one incredibly strong chain.

Yet even within the album's contemplative mood, there are flecks of humor and whimsy quietly slipped in, as if to see if anyone notices.

"This album was made by robots made by super-computers made by robots," it says on the back cover.

Jacob and Lily may want to delve into the dialogue of community and creativity, but it seems Adolphe and Friesen aren't taking their artist inquiry too seriously. Seriously yes, but not too. Which means that academics, indie fans, and those with indiscriminate and discriminate tastes will all have something to connect with.

Elisabeth Lardie
Assistant Enterntainment Editor – Times Record
Brunswick, Maine USA - Times Record, Brunswick, Miane USA

"Far Greater Than the Sum of it's Parts"

The Cathedral Album Review:

"Jacob and Lily are drummer/percussionist Caleb Friesen and pianist/guitarist/vocalist Karla Adolphe, an earthy folk/roots/pop duo whose collective sound is far greater than the sum of its parts. Much of this sense of richness is due to Friesen’s expressive use of any number of percussive elements, as well as the addition of bass, cello, Wurlitzer and organ. But, truly, the real stars of this album are Adolphe’s incredible voice — an instrument unto itself — and the duo’s intuitive arrangements, which heighten the sense of devotional resolve and emotional purity in Adolphe’s non-specific lyrics of love, longing and hope. In the hands of other producers this material might become overly melodramatic, but Friesen, Adolphe and production collaborator Jordan Jackiew have realized that less is more, and the result is a sense of musical communion that may well be overpowering when heard live."

John Kendle
Editor, Uptown Magazine - Uptown Magazine - winnipeg

"Intense Duo"

"although you may not have heard of this intense duo just yet, they are destined to be one of the major acts to follow throughout Canada over the next couple of years"

Steve Alexander
Owner, Loplop Lounge & Gallery
Sault St. Marie, ON - Steve Alexander, Loplops Lounge & Gallery


The Cathedral 2006
Child of the King Demo 2007

Perfect Little Thing - website release 2010 (single)



Jacob and Lily Organic Handcrafted Roots.

Jacob and Lily are one of Canada’s must-see acts; catch them as they tour across North America, living the gypsy life in a 40 Ft RV, playing their unique and organic folk-roots blend.

Complex fusion-style rhythms and innovative, spontaneous songs create an electric atmosphere that captivates their audiences. Incorporating the cajon beat box, world percussion instruments and a partial drum kit, Caleb Friesen is the perfect compliment to Karla Adolphe’s powerful voice and award winning songwriting.

In the past 5 years Jacob and Lily have played over 500 shows and performed at some of Canada’s most prestigious festivals including: The Winnipeg Folk Festival, Blue Skies Festival, Trout Forest Music Festival, BarrieFolk, an official showcase at the 2007 NXNE festival, MARIA Manitoba Music Showcases at the 2006/2007 OCFF, Creston Valley Music Fest, Gateway Festival, Great Woods Music Festival, Harvest Sun Music Festival, Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Fallout Artfest in Minneapolis, The Harvest Moon Festival, Winnipeg Folk Festival Lunchour Series, SNACC Music in the Ruins Series, and the Winnipeg Folk Festival Young Performers Showcase.

Jacob and Lily have also enjoyed sharing the stage with Patty Loveless, The Dan Tyminski Band, Chris Knight, Solas, The Fugitives, C.R. Avery, Ray Bonneville, The Good Lovelies, Little Miss Higgins, Chic Gamine, Rose Cousins, Elliot Brood, Alana Levendoski, The Arrogant Worms, Craig Cardiff, Twilight Hotel, Cara Luft, The Doug and Jess Band, The Cracker Cats, 100 Portraits, Trace Bundy, Holly O’Reilly, Nathan Rogers, Lindsay Jane, Dan Frechette, and MB Hal.

Jacob and Lily’s debut album, The Cathedral, was nominated for the 2007 Canadian Folk Music Awards Best New/Emerging Act. Jacob and Lily were selected as one of 5 Co-Winners at the 2008 Mountain Stage NewSong Contest, and were also selected to perform live on the internationally broadcast Mountain Stage radio/television show.

Multiple tracks, from The Cathedral, have been included on compilations such as the Manitoba Music, Bridge Songs, Manitoba Roots. The Cathedral has also received national airplay on CBC Radio programs like Radio Two’s Morning Show, The Vinyl Café, Definitely Not the Opera and Freestyle as well as numerous collegiate/regional programs throughout Canada and the US. Having sold over 4000 copies of The Cathedral, Jacob and Lily are excited to release a new album in 2012.