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Best Emcee 2008
Best Male Artists 2008
Most Likely to Make it Big 2008 - PULSE NIAGARA

Submitted: September 12, 2007 @ 8:28 pm
"The Face of Folk-Hop"
Hospitals - Self Titled EP

By: Nikki Ciarmela
Track Listings:
1. These Trees
2. Poppycock
3. Brick by Brick
4. I Must Admit
5. Honesty
6. Get That Head on Straight
7. Stuck Between a Waterfall and a Solid Steel City

It’s hard not to get tagged as an Eminem wannabe when you’re a white hip-hop artist of any caliber, but St. Catharine’s native Jacob Bergsma is turning the stereotype on its head. His brand of folk infused hip-hop is putting a new spin on your average hip-hop song, and I will say that this demo is certainly an interesting one.

Instrumentally it’s not at all what you’d expect from a hip-hop record, but that’s the cool part. Every song has a different flavor to it. One’s bluesy, ones jazzy, and even a little Moroccan if you’re into that, but whatever it is he ties every song in with an acoustic guitar.

For me, Get That Head on Straight (track 6) was the song that got my attention. It has that old school blues rhythm to it, really raspy and driven. Poppycock (track 2) has a 50’s jazz club feel to it which is really cool too. The record closer, Stuck Between a Waterfall and a Solid Steel City, kind of sounds like elevator music, but I can dig it. You just kind of want to move to it which in my books is a good reaction to any song.

You can check out Hospitals for yourself online at http://www.myspace.com/hospitalshospitalshospitals, and you can check out Jacob Bergsma at the The L3 Nighclub in St. Catharine’s, Ontario on the 25th of this month.
- WGTS Magazine


Hospitals - Demo Release (2007)
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Formally serving under the group name Hospitals, Jacob Bergsma has been a driving force in the development of the blossoming Niagara Hip-Hop scene.. Theres this quote that I read once..
Hip Hop Is Alive, and Lives In The North, and although for some reason I didn't site who exactly conjured up the phrase, its something thats stuck in my head for a while now.. Why!?
well let me ask you this, whats Hip Hop!? or even more specifically what's music!? It's the language of the soul, in-fact it's the universal language, it's mood, it's the atmosphere, and it's alive in the north.. Hip Hop was developed under the defining rule of thumb "keeping it real" and due to this, most enthusiasts will argue that Hip Hop is Dead! and for the most part, I completely agree.. but like any art-form there's, the good, and bad, the exploited and marketable, verses the heartfelt and provoking.. So I urge you to listen to the sounds of this city.. From the constant sound of vehicle driving through from toronto to the states to the sounds, thoughts and actions of Niagara's Emcee's.. Hip Hop is Alive, Well, and can be weekly enjoyed every monday night at 10:00 on 103.7fm's ALL UP IN THEM EARHOLES, hosted by Jacob.