Jacob Blue

Jacob Blue


Jacob Blue is one of those rare bands to come along with acoustic melodies that draw people in, lyrics that hook, and a lead guitarist that commands attention. John calls this music "Christian Rock Folk Music."


John recruited longtime friend and bandmate Danny Pearson (Bass), Drummer John Nicklason and Lead Guitarist David Wright to complete the formula for Jacob Blue in early 2006 after many years of performing on his own.
The four combine their experience in performing, instrumentation, and diversity.
.Jacob Blue has a knack for creating never before heard melodies. It has always been vital to us that we avoid absorbing ourselves into others' music, therefore reproducing a copycat type sound. We like being fresh, new, and original. However we believe that we have been influenced by 60's style ( Bob Dylan), southern gospel style lyrics, seventies and eighties rock melodies, and good old country music. Our music is received by Christians and non-Christians alike and breaks down all age barriers. People from six to sixty have become our fans. We give all glory and honor to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ the Son of God.


July 29th, 2006 Jacob Blue released two CD's . .

#1 A Voice in the Wilderness
#2 The Simple Things

CD's can be purchased at www.cdbaby.com/Jacobblue

Set List

We typically do one hour to two hour concerts with all original music.