Jacob Bryant

Jacob Bryant


Iwas born in the small town of Jasper, Ga. Where working hard, Family, Friends, Bluegrass music was the life style Im just looking to reach people with my music. and help them if i can! -JB


Jacob Bryant was born in the small town of Jasper, Ga. Where working hard, Family, Friends, Bluegrass music, and country cookin is the lifestyle. Growing up with separated parent's, it has not been easy. Moving from home to home, even Being homeless, Jacob has had to grow up a whole lot faster than the average teen.

Jacob's Mother, was a great influence to his music. Between many abusive relationships and car wrecks, she became disabled, but she pressed on trying to raise Jacob in the best way possible and provide for him in any way she could. She has worked side jobs and helped in churchs to earn what little she could.

Jacob's Father also had a great influence to his music, growing up with a Father who didn't want anything to do with him, and having to provide for himself since the age of thirteen, greatly influenced the way he wanted his relationship to be with Jacob.

Jacob Bryant began his musical journey at the age of eight when his dad gave him a guitar. From there, he never looked back. Growing up with music in the falily his whole life, he found a great passion for music. Jacob's experiences would inevitably find themselves embedded in song. Over the years, he became the frontman and writer for several bands and churches. This would add a dynamic and certain versatility to his songwriting approach. He has spent years working toward making music for a living and crafting hearfelt songs about his journey along the way. His inspiration is mirrored in every song by his true-life struggle and journey. In 2007, Jacob Was Awarded the GCGMA Best Male Vocalist, Entertainer of the Year, and Songwriter of the year. This journey has taken him from humble small town beginnings, to something way Bigger!!.