Jacob Enwood

Jacob Enwood


Jacob Enwood's musical influences include the Kings of Leon, the White Stripes, and the Black Keys. Jacob Enwood have done their best to integrate and expand upon their influences to create an expressive and unique sound that their audiences can enjoy and appreciate.


As a three-piece band, Jacob Enwood has been playing together since late 2005. Jacob Enwood all but abandoned their catalogue that existed before their time as a three-piece, and made the decision to step in a different direction in order to better express their abilities to create and perform music that was more true to where each member was at that point in their lives. Jacob Enwood is currently in the process of expanding their writing and performing abilities to better reflect their own point of view and hopefully enhance the independent music coming out of Arkansas. After writing, polishing, trashing, writing, and rewriting, the band recorded their E.P., "American Biography". At the rate events are progressing for Jacob Enwood, a full-length album is not far off in the future.

Jacob Enwood has worked to develop a sound that will reflect their range of influences. Their musical influences range from The Black Keys and the Kings of Leon to Ben Folds and Spoon to Minus the Bear and The Strokes. The sound that Jacob Enwood has cultivated thus far has also been compared to that of Death From Above 1979, Queens of the Stone Age, Fugazi, Interpol, Foo Fighters, and the Eagles of Death Metal, among others. Jacob Enwood have done their best to integrate these influences to create a sound that expresses their ideas, both big and small, and create songs that listeners can appreciate and enjoy.


"American Biography" EP

Set List


American Biography
Ugly is the New Hot
You Could Understand
It's Not a Race
Killing Time
Girls and Boys
Get Out, Get Out
Hard Times

Available Covers:
"Wasted Time" by Kings of Leon
"My Party" by Kings of Leon
"Jonathan Fisk" by Spoon
"New York City Cops" by The Strokes
"Set You Free" by The Black Keys
"Jimmy the Exploder" by the White Stripes
"Let's Build a Home" by the White Stripes
"Here's Your Future" by The Thermals
"American Girl" by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
"Psycho Killer" by Talking Heads

Our set can run from 30 minutes to 50-60 minutes.