jacob k woolbright

jacob k woolbright


I write music and then I play it and sing it.


My name is Jacob Woolbright, I live in East Tennessee and I write about things I see or old stories I have heard that have been passed down from the older generations.
I write a variety of music but the songs on this site depict American Folk Root and Americana music.


Right Down To The Ground

Written By: Jacob Woolbright

Well I was too young to go join the fight
All I knew that it was about states rights
But my daddy always said if a Yankee came to town
I was to shoot him right down to the ground

Me and dad was out cutting hay one day
And I heard a voice behind me say
“Care if we stay here in this house”?
Then dad shot the Yankee right down to the ground

It didn’t matter if it was your brother fightn’
On that other side
You just shot your musket without a question asked
Cause if you didn’t you knew that you would die

Well on the other side of the river one day
There were Yankees sittin around and I heard one say
If a rebel was to walk up to me right now
I’d shoot him right down to the ground

So I turned back home I didn’t wanna start a fight
Cause I was the only southern boy out that night
Then I heard a Yankee say “I just heard a sound”
I felt a shot that put me right down to the ground


People Like This

Written By: Jacob Woolbright

My grandfather logged this land
With nothing more than an ax in his hand
He was born and raised East Tennessee
And lived his life in the same county as me
The mules would run the logs away
To the lumber yard to get his pay
I know nothing about this hardworking man
Who lived and died before I ever knew him

Because of people like this I can stand here today
Because of people like this I can call my home the U.S.A

My great grandfather fought that old Civil War
He walked through the North lands and places he’d never seen before
He was killed way back in 1863
Far away from home in East Tennessee
Gettysburg was so far away from this old mountain side
But his body never came back to be buried with pride
So they just kept on living in this old Southern town
Waiting for the next hard times to come around


Gray And Blue

Written By: Jacob Woolbright

With a horse and plow we would till the land
But the war came around and it changed all our plans
Between the grey and blue which side will you choose?
And I chose the first one of these two

In Vicksburg my brother died in my arms
Three years since I’d seen him on our family farm
Wearing a Union flag while he died with pride
While I was in grey I began to cry

We marched back twenty three miles a day
I left my brother behind while on the battlefield he lay
Through the cold of night and the freezing rain
Well marching that hard won’t make ya forget the pain

My mother will get the bad news some day
That her oldest son is now in heaven to stay
But the real truth it will never be found
Cause she will never know that I’m the one that shot my own brother down


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