"Jacob London" is a techno-house band that arranges their music on-the-fly. Features live bass, sample looping, optical synthesizers, and a voice transforming sock monkey.


Dave Pezzner, a nice guy who puts the "Jacob" in Jacob London, was not a session player on key electric-period Miles Davis recordings, nor did he cut his chops as a touring keyboardist with Katrina and the Waves. Bob Hansen, a graphic designer who prefers Amsterdam over London, didn't learn studio technology as a tape operator on Michael Jackson's 1982 smash "Thriller," and he spent no time in the music industry as an A&R representative for Columbia Records. Together they make Jacob London.

After 13 years of countless live performances, world tours, several band name changes, idealistic decisions to "stop producing (insert techno subgenre here)", and powerful releases/remixes on Om Records (San Francisco), Stay True (Paris), Doubledown (San Diego), U-Freqs (UK), and Derrick Carter & Luke Solomon’s enormously popular Classic Records (UK) imprint, "Jacob London" has become a household name for house and techno dj's all over the planet.


12" Releases
1997. Jacob London - Chili Sauce EP (eatHouse)
2001. Jacob London vs. Jacob London (squid:records)
2002. Jacob London - Slom Time (squid:records)
2002. Jacob London - Don't Fear the Peepi (Free the Funk)
2002. Jacob London - Gataeu de Poisson (Stay True)
2002. Jacob London - Gutterballs (squid-records)
2002. Jacob London - Wokka Wokka (U-Freqs)
2003. Jacob London - Casual Bingo (Classic)
2003. Jacob London & Big Hair - Escape from Horror House (U-Freqs)
2004. Jacob London - No Cream In The Monkey Fort (Doubledown)
2004. Jacob London - Brown Alert (Classic)
2006. Jacob London - Whoa! This is Fun! (Movim)
2006. Jacob London & Mossa - Fathers Milk/Touch the Dingle (Complot)
2006. Jacob London - SPLAT! (Titbit Recordings)
2007. Jacob London - Interest Rates Just Fell Again, Nao Obrigado (Dot.Bleep)
2007. Jacob London - Droppin Squirrels (Utensil Recordings)

2003. DJ Ali - You Don't Know (Classic)
2004. Rithma - Everyone is Sleeping Today (Om Records)
2004. Moodlex - Just One Look (Jamayka)
2004. Grey - N(ua)ghty Glances (Harmonious Discord)
2004. Alexander East - The Art of Touch (Amfibi_Us)
2004. James Brennan - Space and Time (Loopjunkie)
2004. Spettro - Smokestack (Markethouse Meats)
2004. Dirty Sole - Coldtime Jazz (Carioca)
2005. Johnny Fiasco - Salsanova - (Viva!)
2005. Justin Martin and Sammy D - Cats and Dogs (Classic)
2005. Rithma - We Rock and Roll (Utensil)
2005. Lick - The Frog (U-Freqs)
2005. Big Hair - Trou Noir (U-Freqs)
2005. Jake Childs - Superbowl Sunday (Uniform Recordings)
2005. Mr. Leisure - No Scene (U-Freqs)
2006. Mercir - Grace
2006. Swiss T (Tony Senghore) - Why (Ploff Music)
2006. Don Tinsley - Save The 88's (Good Family Recordings)
2006. Fan Erhalder - Samantha Fox (Kvadrat Produkt)
2007. Ben Mono (Featuring Capitol A) Beatbox
2007. Si Begg - Non Stop Cut and Paste (Noodles)
2007. Mat Anderson - Not Boyfriend Material (Deepfunk Recordings)
2007. Optimus Rhyme - Who Me?

Tracks Appear on these Compilations
2003. House Sessions 2XCD (Ministry Of Sound Australia)
2004. Derrick Carter and Mark Farina Live at Om (Om Records)
2006. Om Winter Sessions Mixed By Johnny Fiasco (Om Records)

Set List

The Jacob London live set flows for an hour without any break in the music. There are no stops to introduce songs or tell the audience what they are feeling. In the course of that hour you may end up hearing up to 14 songs in any order. Often times they will create new songs on-the-fly. The ending result is a throbbing, pulsating dance/electronic show like no other.

The show features gadgets, live percussion accents, and instrumentation as well as digital audio sequencing and sampling. Some notable features are:

The Sock Monkey: A custom-made voice transformer with a contact mic wired onto a sock monkey's ass. The resulting sound is a heavily distorted, pitched, robotic voice sound. As the monkey is being used, the bright red LED lights in the monkey's eye's light up to let you know that Jacob London means business.

The Thingamagoop: A custom-made hand-held optical synthesizer that responds to variations in light. With brighter lights, the Thingamagoop responds by gen