Jacob Metcalf

Jacob Metcalf

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Inventive guitar work, surprising vocal harmonies, and driving percussion give the band its brawn. Rare instrumentation, quirky storytelling, and orchestral arrangements, gift-wrapped by a veteran cast of performers, give the band its charm.


Jacob Metcalf makes his temporary den in Oak Cliff, TX, surrounded by a tiny swirling crew of musical friends. Members of Hares on the Mountain, Fox & the Bird, and Theater Fire contribute to the most cohesive lineup Metcalf's ever showcased in Denton.

Metcalf will introduce a new band and new material to promote his debut album release in the summer of 2013.


Full-length "Fjord" coming 2013.

Set List

We'll choose from these:

Have You Met a Holy Ghost?
Ein Berliner
All in Due Time
One, Three, Nine
Meet the President
Sarah Sells Shoes
Winter in Wichita
Pocketful of Hesitation
One Word Before the Wedding