Jacob Reynolds Band

Jacob Reynolds Band

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA


In 2010, Jacob Reynolds set out to put together a band of the best musicians he could find. He reached right into the heart of Nashville, Music City USA, and pulled out four of the city’s best musicians to join him in The Jacob Reynolds Band. The band has one goal: making meaningful, lasting, top-shelf, kickass rock music. The JRB still calls Nashville home, but they reach out and grab EVERY crowd by the hair and pull them in for a long goodnight kiss. McCoy Gibbs (drums) and Jason Navo (bass) push the train down the track. Nick Goodale (guitar), Josh Robinson (keys), and THE Jacob Reynolds (vocals) weave in and out of each other’s melodic emissions. A regular on the college circuit and club scene, Jacob Reynolds Band is making waves all over the US.

Go ahead. Try it. Check out “Lipstick Stain” and then tell someone you don’t like it. It’s ok. They won’t believe you because they’ve already heard it. They’re already on board and waiting for you to jump on. The Jacob Reynolds Band isn’t slowing down. You’ve got to catch up.

Set List

Jacob Reynolds Band can perform over 4 hours of popular cover songs and original music.