Jacob Two-Two

Jacob Two-Two


Ottawa's folk-rock favourites are now available for pub and special event bookings! Jacob Two-Two delivers an entertaining musical experience that can be enjoyed time and again.


They lost a studio, a producer, an engineer, a booking agent, two guitars, two day jobs and three significant others, yet somehow they managed to make an album. The band was just about the only thing that didn’t fall apart over the year Jacob Two-Two was independently financing, recording and producing The Elastic Heart of Youth, a full-length follow-up to their wildly successful debut EP Well, Well.

Perhaps not surprisingly, The Elastic Heart of Youth could be taken as a collection of musical-therapy dialogues between the band’s three songwriting vocalists around the theme of emotional extremes experienced by an unguarded heart. Thoughtful lyrics, sweet voices, a warm organic sound, and a down-to-earth stage presence are all hallmarks of the Jacob Two-Two experience that will be in full effect at their Barrymore’s CD release on July 2.

Since 1999, this pop-rock band with a jazzy side and a song about dandelions has been making waves nationally, first for receiving a blessing from the late Mordecai Richler to use the name of his character Jacob Two-Two, and then for their music - garnering radio play on campus and community stations and national press attention, as well as praise from Canadian musical heroes like Garnet Rogers and Willie P. Bennett.

With their lives now revolving around the band, they’ll soon be breaking out of their Eastern Ontario stomping grounds and doing the Great Canadian Road Trip in support of the album.

The Elastic Heart of Youth will be released nationally in September on Coqi records and will be distributed by Sonic Unyon.

[June 2004]


1. "The Elastic Heart of Youth" (Coqi Records, 2004)

2. "Well, Well" EP (2001)

Chartattack named it one of the best releases from Ottawa in 2001. This release actually broke even with the first printing selling out! Songs from the album have received airplay on several CBC radio programmes (nationally and regionally). "Tomorrow Afternoon" was featured on commercial radio in the Ottawa area, and "Honestly" rose to #1 on the chart at CKLU in Sudbury, ON.

Set List

For pubs and special events, we aim to meet your needs. We generally play a mix of upbeat covers peppered with a few of our toe-tapping originals. Our repetroire of cover tunes is broad, constantly evolving, and includes songs that will appeal to the college crowd and baby boomers alike.

We are currently performing the following covers:
Ani Difranco (reggae style) - Both Hands
Ani Difranco - Little Plastic Castles
Ani Difranco - Gravel
B-52s - Staying alive
Bob Marley - 3 little birds
Crowded House – Weather With You
Dave Matthews Band - What would you say?
Fiona Apple - Criminal
Fleetwood Mac - Landslide
Indigo Girls - Galileo
Jackson 5 - I Want You Back
Joni Mitchell (Counting Crows style) - Big Yellow Taxi
Lisa Loeb - Wishing heart
Melanie - Brand New Key
Paul Simon - 50 Ways to leave your lover
Paul Simon - Under African Skies
R.E.M. - Superman
Ron Sexsmith (Feist style) - Secret Heart
Sarah Harmer - Uniform Grey
Sarah Harmer - The Hideout
Sarah Harmer - Do