Jacob Ward

Jacob Ward

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Very talented and ambitious singer and musician. Looking to further develop my craft. I'm extremely passionate and dedicated to my music.


Enduring the unpredictability of the music industry and even the deterrents
and discouraging events in his personal life Jacob Ward continues to provide
a beautiful blend of soulful R&B sounds to the ears of fans. Jacob Ward delivers
music that communicates to listeners the values, trails and tribulations of life.
Moreover, Jacob Ward focuses on creating music that you can feel deep down
within your soul, from love ballads to thought provoking hip-hop. Jacob Ward
is so talented that he quickly takes the listener on a journey into his mind, body
and soul.

Residing in Chicago,Illinois, Jacob Ward is currently working tirelessly on his first
full length LP. Fans can expect to hear his raspy yet smooth vocals along with his
creative and talented performance of the keys. Jacob Ward can also be seen
performing at various venues and events around the city and suburbs.

As a recent first place winner of Showtime-N-Chicago and a winner of the Feel
My Pain Entertainment Showcase and a finalist of the Platinum Entertainment
2004 Star Search Competition, Jacob Ward is eagerly preparing for future, major
showcases around the country. Jacob Ward has also been featured on many
independent singles and has worked with some of Chicago's best promising
artists. This talented songwriter, musician and vocalist is a compassionate,
compelling and humble being. Jacob Ward is striving for the best and soaring
for the stars!

Inspired by great R&B stars like, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Whitney Houston
and many other legends, Jacob Ward's love for good music is all too evident in
his strong desire, passion and commitment to continue to further develop his craft.
In his attempt to define himself and his purpose in the world, his soft spoken voice
has matured into a more powerful and soulful art. His style is always evolving,
from sweet and innocent to bold and mesmerizing. Not only has he developed a
strong voice and style, he continues to touch the lives of many fans, through his
music and street performances.

Jacob Ward bestows so much, great music, refreshing lyrics and a magnetic
appeal to his many fans of all backgrounds. It's no wonder why this talented artist
has created for himself, a huge and supportive fan base. He's a captivating artist
with a global influence!


Please Don't Go
No I In Us
Shout My Love
Mine Always