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"Resort to Reason Releases First Music Project"

RESORT TO REASON releases first music project
By Dale Welch

They’ve had several different
band names; and a few different
band members. But, one name
seems to fit the group. Add a railroad
crossing sign with it slightly
turned to form the cross; then,
add wings and you’ve got “Resort
to Reason.”
The band started out as a “praise
and worship” band at Monterey
First Baptist Church. Present
members, Jacob Woolbright,
Michael Peters and Caleb
Langford have been with the
group for a little over a year.
They’ve been awed by the
power of God in their lives. They
have also been amazed by the
love and support shown them by
their church, their friends and
community. For instance, their
special friends Chris and Andrea
“Without the guidance of Chris
and Andrea,” Langford said, “we
couldn’t have done anything
about the new project.”
Its the purpose of “Resort to
Reason” to reach people, touch
their heart and tell them about
Christ with their new project.
It sounds a little different, they
said. But, Peters said he pulled up
in his grandmother’s driveway
and heard her playing the CD so
loud “you could hear it in the
All of the songs they wrote, the
group said the music came first,
then, the words.
On their new project:
1. “Paul” was written by
Woolbright about Paul being
blinded on the road and having to
fall to his knees.
2. “Rescue Me,” oddly enough,
was written by Peters after he saw
an ambulance go by. But, its
about calling for Christ to save.
3. “You are Lord,” was written
by Woolbright. It was his first
Christian song, four years ago. “It
has more of a rock sound,”
Woolbright said.
4. “Anchor,” was written by
Peters after he had to unload stuff
from the van while lightening
was ripping through the sky.
5. “Fall” was written by
Woolbright while strumming on
his guitar. Its about what the man
who carried the cross for Jesus
part of the way and what he probably
would have felt afterward.
6. “His Love Endures,” is
Psalms 136 set to music.
7. “Friend Like Mine,” was written
by Peters. He had come up
with the tune, but was dared to
come up with the words. He did.
8. “He is Risen,” is an Easter
song written by Woolbright.
9. “Not About You,” was written
by Woolbright one Sunday morning
around 2:30. He was reading
his Bible and was worried about
what some people would say, for
instance, about a drum being
played in church. It was there that
the Lord made him realize it wasn’t
about him, it wasn’t about
you, but about Christ. “Make a
joyful sound,” Woolbright said,
“no matter what. Stop thinking
about me, you, them. Its all about
God. Its all about loving everybody.”
10. “What Have I Done,” was
written by Peters and his cousin
Johnny Murphy about what Pilate
and the Roman soldier came to
realize, knowing they had done
11. “Made Alive.
was written by both Woolbright
and Peters. They opened their
Bible to Ephesians 2. The only
song the two have written together,
they said it took about 30 minutes.
12, “He’s Finally Come Again,”
was written by Chris and Darrell
Key. Originally a Southern
Gospel-type tune, but Resort to
Reason is not Southern Gospel.
Langford said, “Chris called me
up about this Southern Gospeltype
song and said that he could
really see us singing it.”

- Hilltop Express


In The Beginning..., Resort to Reason, recorded in Keyed Up Studios in Lebanon, TN under producer Chris Key (Contemporary Christian)



I am 22 years old from a small town in Tennessee and have been in three different bands in the past five years. I do not play with any of them now because I want to play original material and they always wanted to play covers and not be creative. I am now on my own as a songwriter.
I have the patience and perseverence to keep going until God lets something awesome happen.
If I could find a band who wanted to write and play original material I would be happy, but I am satisfied as a songwriter at the moment.