Jacob Woolbright

Jacob Woolbright


I write and play music and then I write a little bit more.


I am 22 years old from a small town in Tennessee and have been in three different bands in the past five years. I do not play with any of them now because I want to play original material and they always wanted to play covers and not be creative. I am now on my own as a songwriter.
I have the patience and perseverence to keep going until God lets something awesome happen.
If I could find a band who wanted to write and play original material I would be happy, but I am satisfied as a songwriter at the moment.


You Are LORD

Written By: Jacob Woolbright

Psalm 138
I will praise you O’ LORD with all my heart
To the heavens I will sing your praises
I will bow down to your holiness
And forever I will praise your greatness

When I called you answered me,
Made me bold and set me free
To your love and faithfulness
Only your name that is blessed
When your word is set on high,
There is one thing we can’t deny
We can’t deny, we can’t deny, we can’t deny
You are LORD
You are LORD
You are LORD
You are LORD



Written By: Jacob Woolbright

Matthew 27:32
Verse 1
Blessed be to the one above
Because Your words are spoken.
Out of the darkness I will see,
And live through a world that is broken.
I am the one who helped a Man
Carry his cross to freedom.
Open your eyes to all that’s left,
And tell the world what you believe in.

When I fall down
I need You.
When I fall down
I believe in You.

Verse 2
What has this Man done to see this fate?
Why is this cross behind him?
A crown of thorns on the King of kings,
But I will adore him.
Through faith and love we will meet again,
In a land of believers.
I will wait for that day to come,
And tell the world what I believe in.

Verse 1

It's Not About You

Written By: Jacob Woolbright

Psalm 150 & Philemon 17
Could you tell me what the Word says?
A question I will ask you today.
It doesn’t matter which version you’re reading,
Just as long as you know who you believe Him.

Words they change from day to day,
But our Father’s here to stay.
So lets all join our hands today,
With the clash of the cymbal let’s give our LORD some praise.

Cause it’s not about you, it’s not about me,
It’s not about them why can’t they see.
It’s all about the LORD being our friend,
And being there till the very end.

So if you consider me your brother,
Welcome them as you would me.
Lets all give praise to one another,
And let the LORD show us the way.

I will ask you once more the same.
When He comes back will he know your name?
Live every day for the LORD like it’s your last,
And greet everybody with love no matter what their class.

Who Is This God

Written By: Jacob Woolbright

Micah 7:18
Who is this God that pardons us from sin?
The One who stays forever once He is let in
His eternal love is ours though we do not deserve
But still He gave His Son to die and kept His Holy Word

Pre Chorus
Who is this Man with an undying plan?

He is The Almighty God of Love
He is The Creator of Heavens Above
Sing Hosanna and praise His name
For the perfect God who will never change

Who is this amazing God whose judgment is never unfair?
Father of our Savior, His Spirit dwells everywhere
He says He’s the only One who knows when He’s coming back again
Now do you know who this God is and are you ready for Him then?

Holy Spirit Take Me Away

Written By: Jacob Woolbright

Acts 8:29 & Romans 8:26
LORD take me from this pain.
Give me all that I can gain
My heart is now an open door
For Your love and so much more

Holy Spirit move me
Holy Spirit take me away
Holy Spirit promise me
That You are here to stay

So many people have gave up trying
In a world that’s sick and dying
They say Your existence can’t be proved
But I am here because of You
The living God

He IS Risen

Written By: Jacob Woolbright

Matthew 28
As you walked on by the Savior closes his eyes.
With one last sigh, His spirit’s gave up to the sky.
So they pierced his side, this Man cannot be denied.
Now He lives from within, the One whose bones could not be broken.

Well Hallelujah the King has risen.
All our sins are now forgiven.

As the earth did shake, for the LORD is now awake.
The stone is rolled away, and the angels show Mary the way.
And as she turned around an all familiar face she found.
It is the King of kings, now the world has been set free.

Shine Around Me

Written By: Jacob Woolbright

Acts 9
V. 1
Walk down that road alone,
Through troubles on your own.
The misconception of,
Living for yourself and not the One above.

And I hear Your voice.

And Your brightness shines around me,
As I fall down on my knees.
Death cannot pursue me,
Because in You now I believe.

What do You want from me?
Get up and live life for eternity.
In your spirit that’s renewed.
You’ll now find peace in all that you do.


In The Beginning..., Resort to Reason, recorded in Keyed Up Studios in Lebanon, TN under producer Chris Key (Contemporary Christian)