Jacob Wright

Jacob Wright


Progressive epic rock in the vein of Coldplay, U2, and Sigur Ros. The goal is to convey feelings of mystery, beauty, and life through the power of breathtaking music.


The awe and wonder that music stirs in our hearts is an unveiling of reality. The feelings we experience when our heart is stirred by music are closer to reality than we know. Music awakens our vision to be illuminated with grander thoughts of truth and the Divine. Such an experience is a higher revelation of the glory and beauty of God.
I believe that in music we can get a small glimpse of what truly cascades eternally from God. The beauty and light that incessantly flows from Him is
more glorious than any song can convey. The sense of wonder and majesty that we get from music is not just a fleeting feeling, but a closer glimpse of eternal and abiding Beauty.

My music can rock, but it maintains a sense of majesty and wonder. Kind of like Nature. I try to convey with the power of music the kind of majestic and thematic elements that you would feel if gazing out upon a huge scape of Creation. My influences have been bands like U2, who have such grand anthemic elements in their music, or Sigur Ros, the band from Iceland who magnifies the beauty of life and nature through their ambient and progressive emotional music that is sometimes tender and sometimes relentless, almost always maintaing a mellon collie sense that makes the soul feel a longing and push for something higher.

The goal of my music and the live show is to communicate love, beauty, wonder, mystery, romance, truth, and the eternal longing for the Divine.


I released a 5 song EP about 2 years ago called "The Story's Theme Is Told". I am currently working on recording an album.

Set List

1. Awakening
2. The Language
3. You're Finding Me
4. Noise & Sound
5. The Journey of Hearts
6. Aglow
7. Ride On the Wings of Angels
8. Written in the Stars
9. Escape
10. Upward

We usually don't do covers and our set list if we were to do all ten songs would be about one hour.