Jacob Zachary

Jacob Zachary


Jacob Zachary combines profound lyrics with memorable melodies. Taking cues from great songwriters such as David Gray and Elliot Smith, Jacob’s songs deserve repeated listens.


Born in Crowley, Louisiana and raised on both sides of the Mississippi River, Jacob Zachary emerged from the woodwork of a simple small-town existence under the constant influences of Church, family, and a passion for music. The son of a preacher who often spent time hammering out blues guitar riffs, Jacob had great respect for music from the onset, and had always kept himself in the atmosphere of it. At the age of 15, he picked up a guitar and taught himself to play.

Though his craft in music is still in constant development, Jacob's sound has already been compared to the likes of some well-seasoned musicians such as John Mayer and David Gray. His quickly maturing insight on life and complimented by thought provoking lyrics and a keen sense of melody makes his music immediately enjoyable, yet satisfying long term as well.


Stars Round Your Head- EP- 2003
End of You- Single- 2003
Fury and Spin- LP-2004
Loving You- Single-2004

Set List

Sets are generally one hour to and hour and fifteen minutes long. The set is mostly original material (75%) and some covers (25%). Covers include songs from Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews, Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. Here is a typical set list-

2.Lady Wisdom
3. Broken Pieces
4.Long Black Vail
5. Human
6. Almost Gone
7. Loving You
8. Feel It
9. Ring Them Bells
10. Static Cage
11. On and On
12. Ain't No Road Too Long
13. Olivet's Angels
14. Antebellum
15. Troy St.
16. Dawson
17. Gray Street