Los Angeles, California, USA

***Never a guilty pleasure-always a thrilling adventure***


‘Reckless. Ravenous. The two things I was just born to be,” sings Jacq on anthem breakout single “Nightmare”.

This raw and honest confession strikes at the essence of the Jacq's humanity. After being abandoned by her father at the age of eight, Jacq fiercely lashed out at the world by abusing amphetamines and starting fist fights with classmates in school, one in particular landing her in the hospital with four stab wounds.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Jacq never quite‘fit in’ with her fellow classmates. She isolated herself from most of her peers after experiencing confusing insults from various ethnicities even her own. “Girls would call me a ‘sell out’ and weird because I didn’t talk and dress like them,” recalls Jacq about feeling like an outsider in high school. “I know why some of them didn’t understand me; I liked to wear huge gothic boots over fishnet stockings and listen to Nirvana. I definitely didn’t fit the ‘mold’.” This social isolation drew Jacq to hard and aggressive rock music as it intensified her anti-establishment views. “Something about rock music was freeing for me. When I popped in a Rage Against the Machine album and heard Zach’s voice, I suddenly felt some kind of release, like my chains had been broken.”

Jacq has since learned to express her frustrations and pain through her powerful and chilling voice. She admits that, ‘Nightmare is about searching for answers in all the wrong places and constantly finding escape routes with drugs, alcohol and sex.’ As the lyrics read, ‘Trapped in this nightmare, bound for nowhere. I’m stuck in hell inside myself,’ Jacq screams out to be heard by anyone who’s felt the same way.

Even with all the strife, Jacq embraces her humanity. “I tried for so long to figure out where I belong, but now I’ve come to tell the world that I don’t give a shit anymore. I know who I am, and while I may not be perfect, I’m ready to share my story with everyone who has felt like an outsider.”

Rock needs a revolution. Jacq R.I.O.T. has come to break boundaries and prove to the world that she is the new face of rock music.

Set List

Bite You
The Hand That Feeds (Cover)
I Want More