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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018

New York City, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo EDM Hip Hop




"New Track: Jacqua Cooper - Funny, It all crashes"

Jacqua Cooper new track "Funny it all crashes" was discharged on June 9, 2019. This melody emits an incredible inclination on account of the establishment of the beat. The beat has a Hip-Hop, Jazzy, Dance, and Techno sound. The creation is very much done.

The tune "Funny it all crashes" has layers. This tune incorporates a contemporary, present day, and an old school gauge altogether. This melody is ideal for the nightlife scene. Club and Radio DJ's will have a field day with this tune. How the beat is built, it permits the opportunity for blending, including and curving.

Jacqua's conveyance of "Funny it all crashes" is to a greater extent a graceful methodology. Just a delicate melodic voice over an out of control beat. The music business is at present searching for various, new, intriguing and past! This sound of music conveyance can be found in this craftsman Jacqua.

Jacqua is in no way like any craftsman that is right now out. It's invigorating to realize that a craftsman exists that does not pursue the pattern. He pursues inventiveness and love for human expressions. Extraordinary creation can have a major effect on his craftsman achievement. Given Jacqua proceeds with the way to be consistent with his melodic blessing he will make it far. Tune in to the music beneath and let us know your thoughts.


Jacqua Cooper is the Urban Contemporary Musician’s Musician. Since a child, it was always his dream to develop skills in the performing arts. Music held powerful freedom for him since first hearing acts like Buju Banton, a tribe called Quest & the Prodigy.

Jacqua was shy when he started out to sing initially due to the characteristics he possesses. Jacqua followed his heart where he went on to train at the performing arts high school in Brooklyn. He learned his craft and strengthen his voice.

Throughout high school started to learn to program and compose sounds for songs. After producing, rapping and songwriting, he went on to pursue the talents of a childhood dream of his which was to DJ/Program music live. Jacqua went on to pursue being a DJ in college. He started by crafting his touches on being a performing artist. Since then, he worked in a duo called the O.K. Drums releasing 4 projects and then going solo releasing 1 album project and 2 mixtapes. - Longe Magazine



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Born in NYC but all over the place. I'm a rapper, singer, producer, visual producer & DJ. With material under both my solo act and acting under my duo called O.K. Drums (Duane Thompson & I) I just want to perform and making performing music my full time job! When I play my music I hope you either enjoy to dance or trance, because I love to keep the body moving & also keep the attention!

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