jacque carter

jacque carter


I am a r&b, contemporary singer that has toured 26 times and performed for political and social functions. I do the star spangle banner to gospel and dance music for large parties. The band that I use most of the time is Platinum who use to play behind Tyrone Davis and many other artist.


I am an r&b artist that can entertain from kids to senior citizens. I do r&b to standards. I am able to change my music, wardrobe and attitude to adjust to any audience. Go to youtube.com and type in (the jacque carter show)


Bus Driver album that I toured on for two years and had a tv show that play in four markets for five years every Saturday.

Set List

Stormy Monday, Bus Driver, My Way, Celebration, My First My last My Everything, Together At Last, Steppin In & Out my sets are 45 minutes with 20 minute breaks