I am a singer/songwriter I write songs in a myriad of genres including country, R&B, rock, jazz, Christian Contemporary, electronic, etc. I love to stretch myself creatively. There's no limit to what I can do.


I describe my music as meaningful, fun, catchy, melodic and funky. I write strong lyrics and catchy hooks. I am self-taught on guitar and play a lil piano. I am dynamic on stage and love to entertain. I give each song and performance what it needs. My influences are Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Carol King, Sly Stone, Chaka Khan, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson to name a few. What sets me apart from oter artists or songwriters is that I can related to all music and leap right into any genre with ease and great appreciation for all the beautiful music in the world. I have no limitations when it comes to singing, writing or performing. Nothing is impossible for me. I am unique and thrive on accepting new challenges.


Sitting On A Cloud

Written By: Jacqueline Brooks

Looking at the beach
Overlooking the horizon
All the clouds are dark and grey
As we watch the children play

Today we don't have to go outside
Inside we're having fun
Baby it's just you and me
Huggin through the storm

We're Sitting on a Cloud
Laughing out loud
Watching children play
On a Rainy Day

Lying here with you
While the raindrops fall
Holding you through the thunder
We're having a ball

This is quality time
Time to spend together
Thank God for this weather
Ain't nobody home

We're Sitting on a Cloud
Laughing out loud
Watching children play
On a rainy day


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Set List

My typical set list are my original songs.

1. Sitting on a Cloud
2. Bold N' Mannish Boy
3. Twisted Words
4. When the Winter Comes
5. Summer Time
6. Messing with my Love
7. The Other Part of Me
8. Love is a Gamble
9. How Dare Ya
10. Who Needs Ya
11. Love's the New High
12. My Heart Beats to the Left
13. Beautiful People

If I do cover gigs. I'll usually see who my crowd is and do what songs they can relate to, whether current, old school, r&B, dance, rock, whatever is needed at the time.