Jacq Becker

Jacq Becker

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Following the release of her debut album, Jacqueline Becker, a soulful songstress compared to the likes of Alicia Keys & Norah Jones, embarked on a three week tour of Italy and London in July 2010. Playing in the Florence Soccer Stadium and Rome's Rock City festival were just a few tour highlights!


Don’t let the demure face fool you. When judging Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Jacqueline Becker by her cover, key in instead on that mass of black hair cascading down in an unmanageable frenzy as the best physical allegory of just what this girl’s voice is capable of, because in her case, big hair certainly means big voice. A music degree from Yale and a lifetime of study no doubt form the foundation for her talent, but when Becker sings, it’s easy to forget about the more formal elements of composition in the absolute rush of emotion her music inspires. Perfect pitch, astounding range, and sheer vocal muscle have all combined on what can only be described as an epic scale to lend her voice its uniquely thrilling factor; couple that with her carefully-crafted songs that boast the soul-plucking rhythms of the best kind of jazz, and clever lyrics that impressively succeed at echoing both the spunk and the emotional capacity of their writers, and you’ve got an artist that effortlessly walks the fine line between being a throwback to a better era and someone refreshing and original in her own right. She has the surging power of an Alicia Keys and the delicate restraint of a Norah Jones, a deft navigation of the balance between might and tenderness.

Having brought the Southern California coffee shop circuit to its knees, rocking local haunts like The Mint, Hotel Cafe, Room 5, and Molly Malone’s, Becker and her band, composed of lead guitarist and songwriter Connor Marks, violinist Ellen Baumann, and bassist Cory Hunter, have devoted their stage time to the studio and created a debut album set to launch this summer, to coincide with their July European tour. Becker’s smooth voice will also be featured on an upcoming Elle Magazine original animation series, where she voices Riley Kendrick, a twenty-something navigating the world of New York’s fashion elite. These early successes are no doubt a harbinger of what’s to come for Becker and Company; she’s a girl who looks—and sings, and acts—the part.


Jacqueline Becker (LP, 2010)
Jacqueline Live @ Firehouse (EP, June 2009)
Bedroom Session (EP, October 2008)

Set List

1. Don't Forget
2. What Do Other Women Do?
3. Love You Need
4. Magic Number
5. Come Home To Me
6. Leave Me
7. Twice
8. Carefully
9. Settle
10. Honest Man
11. Sugar
12. Glass Was Sand