Jacquelyn Schreiber

Jacquelyn Schreiber


Jazz, Soul, and R&B meld together with thoughtful lyrics and a lot of presence. Piano-based, fun and funky, as Richard Mendelson (engineer/producer of New Kids on the Block/Tiffany) says: "Really worth a listen and then another and another!"


There is only one way to characterize Jacquelyn Schreiber, and that is musically versatile. A Berklee College of Music graduate, Jacquelyn earned her degree in Professional Music as a piano principal. However, this multi-faceted musician does far more than tinkle the ivories. A versatile pianist as well as singer, Jacquelyn is honored to have produced her EP "Time Flies," with engineer/producer of the New Kids on the Block, Richard Mendelson. He calls Jacquelyn "One talented young singer/songwriter," and says "her playing and singing suggest a maturity beyond her years in the tradition of someone like Billy Joel – except maybe more personal."
Jacquelyn is thrilled to be performing her originals all around the country. Due to her lengthy background playing jazz piano, her music is not like a typical singer/songwriter. Jacquelyn combines her improvisational skills and complex harmonic background to create a unique sound that appeals to the masses.

Voted One of the "Top 50 IChannel Artists from around the World!"

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Written By: Jacquelyn Schreiber

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Time Flies
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Features singles, "Backward" and "Time Flies"

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