Jacques & The Shakey Boys

Jacques & The Shakey Boys


Take gifted musicians with a wide variety of influences,wrap it around poetry from your favourite author of the 'human condition',stir it up with a distinctive, slightly rough,sexy voice, garnish with exotic flavours,whip it up with captivating stage presence,serve up country-style.


When pressed for a "sounds like", Jacques & The Shakey Boys have coined a new descriptive phrase to 'explain' their music-Bluntry. This is what happens when the sharp end of the blues and the bottom end of country-collide. It is an apt description for what Jacques & The Shakey Boys are all about-emotional chaos,conflict, and inevitably,the fallout.
The music may be familiar--Jacques draws from his country heros-The Late Great Johnny Cash, Hank Williams I & III, Billy Joe Shaver,The Allman Brothers ....tinged with blues notes,surprise forays into swing and a little bit of rockn'roll.
Jacques songs evoke thoughts of the travelling story tellers folklore and history are made of...set in the modern world.
Like the wordsmiths of days gone by, Jacques has been traveling for a long,long time. He has packed several lifetimes of experiences into relatively few years. From Native Reservations to Indonesia, New Mexico (tending sheep!) to the mean streets of Oshawa, and countless points on the journey inbetween, Jacques starting writing it all down at the age of 12. And has been writing ever since.
People often wonder if The Shakey Boys songs are autobiographical. Sometimes,yes. Sometimes, no.
But " I can't tell tales of the things I don't know" (from 2002). Often, this comes from extraordinary powers of observation ,and the ability to "try walking in these boots tonight If you've never known nothing 'bout struggle and strife" (Oshawa Blues) .Recently, he picked up the guitar , gathered a band of like- minded ,incredibly talented brothers, and set all those poems,scripts and stories to music, thus kickstartin' his own brand of 'Northern Outlaw' musical revolution. It's about time.
His songs are of our physical, emotional and spiritual struggles to survive, of the search for a real love, of booze and drug dependencies, of family conflicts,of the quest to find meaning in an increasingly insane world..they are the "cautionary tales" of our time. The real world, not the 'reality' version TV brings us. These are our stories, about our lives. Yours. Mine. Songs that matter, that speak, that ring true, that bring hope. You will reflect, cry, dance and laugh. And it ain't even last call yet!
Are they 'desolation songs'? No..because real beauty is found in the 'ugliness' and pain, in the hardships of day to day life. Jacques & The Shakey Boys celebrate that beauty. Sometimes, they just celebrate!


Too Bad So Sad

Written By: Jacques Nadjiwon

" I'm just sitting here waiting for my honey..she's got the love and I've got the money..We'll go dancin' and drinkin' all night long...

...I'm just sitting here thinking of an answer to what I was doing talking to that dancer...

...Too bad, so sad, trouble's about to happen,
Too bad,so sad,she's got a love
I just can't leave."

How Much It Costs To Love Her

Written By: Jacques Nadjiwon

" Well she's got love
for any man with an eight-ball in his hand,
but he'll never know how much it costs to love her...
and when you finally figure it out, you'll be left with little doubt,
just a broken bank and a bitter pill to swallow. "

Don't Look Back

Written By: Jacques Nadjiwon

She said ,I got no feelings anymore, you might as well walk out that door
I've been in this place before,
you ain't the first man out that door...
Don't look back, don't look for me, it's what you wanted, go be free."


"Lines, Bumps and Rails" to be released Valentine's Day 2005.

Set List

3X40 minutes

Covers often include:
Black Rose [Billy Joe Shaver]
No Expectation [The Rolling Stones]
Needle And A Spoon [Lynyrd Synyrd]
Pony Boy [Allman Brothers]
...and a nod to Kurt Weill