Jacques C

Jacques C


"Daft Punk and New Order shares studio time." (Quote from a recent record review)


Having tried out a full line up for a number of years, Jacques C got tired of trying to control a bunch of wildheads. Buying a computer in 2005 he got into his own he took his influences - Daft Punk, New Order, Pixies and tried to make something worthwhile.


When You Are Gone

Written By: Jacques C

I'll think of you/ I'll think of you/ When you are gone/ I'll think of you/ And I'll be sad/ Sad over you/When you are gone// When all the powers/ Of universe/ Can't keep us together/ Only divide/ Then I'll be sad/ Sad over you/ When you are gone

I Believe In Love

Written By: Jacques C (Per-Evert Carlsson)

I Believe In Love
I Believe In Love
I Believe In Love


Noir (Album, 2008) Noir Pt.2 (Album, 2009). On Spotify, iTunes, BeatPort etc.

Set List

Sarah's Sharp Teeth, Center of the Heart, What's On A Man's Mind, Goddess, When You Are Gone, Man Is A Monkey, The Wagon. 30 intense electric minutes.