Jacques "Jax" Delaguerre

Jacques "Jax" Delaguerre


Polymusician Jacques "Jax" Delaguerre's pop side is as an eclectic tenor balladeer, composing and singing songs ranging from tearjerkers to dry humor, drawing upon American and world trad while stealthily employing experimental scales which dance outside the bounds of even temperament.


Jacques Delaguerre comes from a musical family with professionals in the past four generations. He began performing in childhood with piano and voice, learning formal composition and arrangement in high school, subsequently studying classical guitar at the conservatory.

His original ballads typically contain enough story for a play or a movie. Many derive from real life, while others were composed in dreams and written down upon awakening.

His interpretations of popular songs leans not only on his classical training but also draws upon "bent tonality", utilizing scales outside the bounds of even temperament.

Jax currently performs and records with a number of talented and renowned session musicians, including nationally noted classical/electric violinist Lionel Young (http://www.lionelyoung.net/) who appears on Jax 2005 ISC entry.


Pity the Stranger

Written By: Jacques Delaguerre

Pity the Stranger
The Bible it says so
Don't harden your heart
To the poor ragged one,
He weren't always like that
He once't had a mother
Now he lives in the gutter
And he calls it his own.

Pity the broken
Who never quite made it
Who sleeps under bridges
When the water is low,
He might be your neighbor
Or even a laborer
Who came north for fortune
Out of Old Mejico.

Pity the Stranger ...

Pity the veteran
An arm or a leg gone
Who sits in the dust
On the curb of the street,
He holds up his cardboard
To beg for his dinner
He once was a winner
Now he's sounding retreat.

Pity the Stranger ...


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