Jacques Gaines

Jacques Gaines


Jacques Gaines makes his home in Montréal, Canada. He has written, performed and produced music for many a diverse artist. Jacques’ influences are extrememly diverse. His music is distinctively signed with a sublime velvety voice singing melodic lines over a musical bed that blends


As a child born to a French Canadian mother and an Afro-American father, Jacques Gaines quickly developed into a remarkable musical ability.

Later on, while studying administration at university, Jacques Gaines became known by the North America public.

In spring 1991, returning from a trip around the world Jacques Gaines’ career took a different direction when his long time childhood buddy Brian Tupper offered him a spot in a band called Q City. With this band Jacques Gaines experienced incredible notoriety in Quebec City with theur great of their pop based, melodic and pop formula. The initial shows were presented in Quebec city and around.

In 1994 Jacques Gaines forms a new band called Soul Attorneys. The group includes Eric Filto, a producer/writer with whom he has worked on the Q City project, and Mathieu Dandurand, a guitarist who has also worked on the Q City project.

During summer 1995, Soul Attorneys sign with Sony Music Canada and remix already existing tracks of a ten song demo. The person chosen to remix the album was Humberto Gatica who worked with Celine Dion, Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie. In spring 1996 the album was release with an opening act tour with Celine Dion. The tour included 23 Canadian dates and 13 US dates.

Soul Attorneys gained instant success with those performances, more than 500 000 spectators
and astounding reviews and received the Canadian awards and chart topping hits. Between 1996 to 1999, Jacques Gaines and Soul Attorneys enjoy a great deal of success.

Jacques Gaines as lyricist and performer received the prestigious award by SOCAN for the most play song for his song BETTER MAN. Jacques Gaines was inspired by the enormous success and special moments from his album ANOTHER DAY, when he decided to release his French album. This album received mix reviews and in 2004 Jacques Gaines decided to take a break.

Jacques Gaines continued his regular activities, just as he did during his career as Soul Attorneys leader. Among other things, since 1994, he hosted a show on Radio-Canada Quebec called JAZZ AROUND THE WORLD and did many Canadian tours. Moreover, in 2005, he met his new manager Martine Girard and together they decide to start working on a new album. Jacques Gaines return to his roots and wrote an album in English.

On December 10th, 2007, while completing the first promotional tour for the release of his new album FOR, Jacques fell from the roof of his house fracturing his wrist. The injury required a treatment procedure and rehabilitation for several weeks.

The album FOR was release November 2007 and critics were unanimous, Jacques Gaines is one of the best Canadian voice ever.


Human Bizz

Written By: Jacques Gaines

Some people think me a little strange
seems my world is upside down
wonderin’ why the sky is blue, and how the wrights flew
and if a tree falls in the forest. . .
does it make a sound

Some people think me a little odd
you see my world ain’t quite the same
cause I'm wondering where the hell is God
on this messy globe where ain’t no one want to take the blame

And I’m wonderin’ why this all is
this crazy foolish human biz
you see I look at what we’ve done
and what we are
and now I just don’t know
how we got this far

Some people think me a bit bizarre
cause the truth I believe in and hold
you see I want to be getting the way things are
to most "people" that’s a story seldom told

And I’m wonderin why this all is
this crazy foolish human biz
you see I look at what we’ve done
and what we are
and now I just don’t know
how we got this far, how we got this far
how we got this far, how we got this far
and all along the hell they make
and all along the hell they make
and all along the hell they make

Some people see me a bit obtuse
that I'm waking up my mind so far
to the free flowing love abuse
it's what makes us humans …us humans what we are


Soul Attorney's - So they say
J Gaines - Better man
Voilà l'humanité

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