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"Reviews of Step Into The Light"

Review: Step into the light; Jacquie Walters
7 December 2006
Going to a concert by Jacquie Walters is like going on a treasure hunt, except you don’t have to look too hard to find the gems. When I look over the notes I took during her concert tonight, I find a list of them – pithy little lines I’ve written down to take away and think about later because I didn’t want to miss what might be coming next. Like the political comment, addressing David Lange, you may have flown too close to the sun, but ‘we made your wings’. How many people could we say that about? How many people get built up and up until they start to believe their own publicity, go one step too far and
wonder why they fall flat on their faces, while the builder-uppers nod and sneer and say ‘I knew that would happen’?
At a small town stop, Jacquie tells us she ‘topped up on kindness from a stranger’ – luckily that’s not the kind of fuel anyone can capitalise on, so hopefully it’s in no danger of running out.
It’s hard to write a love song – so many have been written, it’s hard to find an original way to say it, but Jacquie gave us a whole concert full of them: ‘I hope the road to me finds you’, for instance, in ‘Driving home’. And my personal favourite I think, the first line in her first number of the evening, ‘My love wears rain like a silver necklace’ – after all, with our present weather patterns, there can never be too many ways to see rain in a positive light!
Reviewed by Janette Munneke
(Balladeer, Acoustic Routes Folk Club, Wellington)

Kerry Molloy – The Bay Report
Kerikeri based musician and writer Jacquie Walters has released her solo cd, ‘Step Into The Light’. A collection of 13 songs, the album is melancholic and soulful, featuring Jacquie on guitar plus others, including Mark Laurent (guitar) and Janet Holborow (cello).
Jacquie, who hails from Christchurch, (later Nelson, Wellington, and Auckland), started creating music as a young child.
She later trained as a singer and was a member of ‘Pounamu’, performing at folk clubs and festivals around New Zealand.
For some years Jacquie studied and worked in the UK, pursuing her goals as a folk musician, actor, and theatre director.
She returned to New Zealand in 2000, settling in the Bay of Islands about a year ago, and she is now expecting her first child.
Some of the songs were written ten years ago, others are more recent.
Jacquie pours out her heart: the emotive ‘Harvest of Tears’, about the loss of a son, is based on a story gathered during her time editing a logging magazine, while ‘Icarus’ is a tribute to the late David Lange.
‘Step Into the Light’, forlorn at times, gentle on the ear, is available at The Sound Lounge in Kerikeri.

Liz Barry, ‘Good Morning’ Television 1 August 28th, 2006. Review of ‘Step Into the Light’.

“I’m just so impressed with this album”


“Full of love, longing, and romance.”

‘Harvest of Tears’ is “very poignant”

“A lovely tribute to David Lange”

“This really is a beautiful album”

“She’s a very fine songstress indeed”

“The forest and the bush run all the way through this album”

“These are the loggers stories”

“She’s just crafted these songs so beautifully”

Waikato Times – Steve Scott

Kerikeri’s Jacquie Walters releases her second album, ‘Step Into The Light’, and it’s more in the fine folk vein, the focus on meaningful reflections. And with hints of cello and violin creating slight avenues between Walters’ inventive picking and rich vocals, the songs are warm performances. Driving Home, Harvest of Tears, and Icarus – a tribute to David Lange, speak volumes of Walters’ sincerity, And while a country flavour is revealed on My Little Girl, the atmosphere changes once again as subtle harmony and the glorious cello embrace the beauty of Shine On. ‘Step Into the Light’ is an engaging listen with a fine wine on a cosy evening.

Martyn Pepperell, NZ Musician Magazine August/September 2006 issue. Review of ‘Step Into the Light’

Jacquie Walters is one of those multi-talented individuals who writes for magazines, works as an editor, moonlights as a singer/songwriter and has managed to travel the world and contribute to global creative culture in little ways here and there. Her 13 song CD is for lovers of the acoustic sound. A clear, crisp and passionate recording of predominantly vocal/guitar combination work from Jacquie. There is some delicate and sensitive backing instrumentation from cellist Janet Holborow, guitarist Mark Laurent and Chris Priestley as backing vocalist. Lyrical subject matter is broad such as stories gathered working as the editor of a logging magazine (‘Harvest of Tears’) and a tribute to the late great David Lange (‘Icarus’). In the liner notes Jacquie makes mention of an annual gig at the Mussel Inn in Takaka which keeps her spirit fed. If familiar with the Mussel Inn, its clientele and performers, you should have a reasonably good idea of what to expect from this release.
- TV and Print Media


Step Into The Light (2006), Dreamwalking (2000 - radio play NZ/UK), Mihi (1996 - radio play/television NZ), Uha (1994 - radio play NZ) Koha (1992 - radio play - NZ).


Feeling a bit camera shy


Jacquie was singing her own songs before she could read. Music was central to her childhood - singing in the back seat of her parents' car before the days of even a tape deck. She recorded her first song 'Bob Dylan's Dream' when she was 6 but really it was when she was selected to attend the United World College of the Atlantic in Wales on a scholarship at age 17 that she discovered her voice. Under the tuition of Welsh tenor Alun Jones she learnt the skills that she still uses today.
In her 20s Jacquie was a founding member of 'Pounamu' with Ariana Tikao. The duo performed around New Zealand and in Australia, the UK, and Europe as part of a small group selected to protest against nuclear testing in the Pacific by The Body Shop.
After the release of Pounamu's cd 'Mihi' Jacquie travelled to the UK where she established a name for herself as a solo performer at folk clubs and festivals in the north of England. She was also a member of 'Freewheelin' which opened the presitigious Beverley Folk Festival in Yorkshire.
After returning to New Zealand in 2000, Jacquie released her first solo cd, 'Dreamwalking'. Two tracks from that album received recognition in international songwriting competitions. Another track was recorded by up and coming UK folk artist Kate Bramley of Jez Lowe and the Black Pennies fame.
In 2006 Jacquie released her second solo cd, 'Step Into The Light'. The cd received excellent reviews.

Jacquie is influenced by good lyrics wherever she finds them. She enjoys listening to U2, Bruce Springsteen, Dave Dobbyn, Pierce Pettis, and anyone whose songs tell an intelligent story with plenty of heart.