Solo singer/songwriter... A powerful vocalist with an amazing range and diversity. Skilled rythem guitar player. Also competent in electric bass, violin and piano. Writes in the style of Tom Petty, Tracy Chapman & Sheryl Crow. Deep lyrics with catchy rhythm's. Great crowd pleaser!


Jacqui Foreman grew up in a small town in Juneau, Alaska. Playing violin since age 6 helped set the stage for Jacqui's ability to teach herself to play the piano, guitar and electric bass. A gifted vocalist, she has, in her own right become a prolific songwriter with original rythem patterns and catchy melody's all lead by her beautiful, angelic voice. Jacqui's goal as a musician/singer-songwriter is to inspire other's just as she was inspired at a very young age. In her words, "Music is a gift, a language that surpasses all ethnic and cultural barriers...and will save the world".

Jacqui's first album 'Standing Tall' was released in December 2005 and includes 11 original songs. Currently in the works, and soon to come, will be Jacqui's latest project titled '500 Doses of Reality'.

Keep your eye's on this one...she truly is an amazing talent.


White Buffalo

Written By: Jacqui Foreman

Run wild and free
This I wish to be
For you and me, forever

Hold in your hands
Dreams of this land
Let us take a stand together

I see peace for this world when I look into your eyes
No more hunger or greed only happy, fruitful lives
The circle will soon be complete if we honor your return
Oh White Buffalo, show us the way
We stand ready to learn

All are welcome here
This you make so clear
With our grateful tears we gather
Spirit lives in you
In all you do
Humbly I thank you with honor


Guardians' of this land
Wont you take a stand
Please lend a hand to White Buffalo
So we can be free of
Greed and poverty
Come and you will see White Buffalo


Strong For You

Written By: Jacqui Foreman

Everytime I see your face
So many words that I'm wanting to say
But I don't, I won't
I'm holding back, holding on
Seems like I'm leading you on
I know, I know

Oh I thought this would be easy
But you're prooving me wrong
I thought it would go quickly
But it's taking so long
I'm running out of questions
And I'm trying to be strong for you
For you

I feel there's something
You're not telling me
Go right ahead
And let your mind come clean
Let go, let go
I will not judge what you have to say
I want to know you in a better way
I hope, I hope


Perhaps the timing just isn't right
But I keep wanting you tonight
To hold, to hold
I guess it's what I see in your eyes
That's come to help me realize
I can't cope, I can't cope



Jacqui's first CD titled, 'Standing Tall' was finished/released in December 2005, it includes 11 original tracks and was mostly self-recorded and self-produced. (www.jacquiforeman.com)

The Bootleg Series-Jacqui Foreman Live
Features Jacqui's live show. This is a two disc set and premiere's Jacqui's diversity and unique style

'500 Doses of Reality' COMING SOON...

Set List

Her sets are formatted for 3 - 4 hour shows. Performing from 30 to 50 plus songs per night, mixing originals and covers. The covers range from Buffalo Springfield, Grace Slick, Janice Joplin, Jewel, Sheryl Crow, The Cranberries, Eva Cassidy, The Wallflowers, Bob Dylan, Ozzy, Metallica, etc, etc, etc...

Green River - CCR
All Along The Watch Tower - Jimmi Hendrix
Fine & Mellow - Billy Holiday
Who Will Save Your Soul - Jewel
Weather Channel - Sheryl Crow
Other Side - Red Hot Chili Peppers
No Rain - Blind Melon
Come Together - The Beatles
Give Me One Reason To Stay Here - Tracey Chapman
Sweet Child of Mine - Guns -N- Roses
and many, many more...