Jacqui Gilroy

Jacqui Gilroy


This sound is intense and passionate, moving through emotional landscapes and purging the feelings through sound. It is melodically and rhythmically complex, while expressing itself through interesting poetic lyrics sung through the texture of dripping honey.


Classical music training and performance began at age 12, and continued through high school as the star flautist, since Mom refused my burning desire to play the drums. While delving into my Master's program in Counseling, I found existential expression through singing and playing guitar. Rebellious fervor brought my flute playing out of formality and into original, punk rock-filled melodies, as lyrics and vocal progressions, screamed and sung, began to emerge and I found myself in two Experimental Bands: 'Balls Beverly' and 'Wild About Lather'. I recorded two albums with them while playing local Detroit venues. In January 2005, I was asked to play rhythm guitar and sing harmony vocals with Katy Cornell in 'Going South', and since have played frequent local shows with one L.A. debut, and an EP recording. But it has been the uniqueness of the melodies and rhythms moving through me as a solo artist that inspired me most, and through my guitar songwriting and lyrical/vocal cohesion I was launched into opening slots at the Rendezvous, Mr. Spot's Chai House, the 9 lb. Hammer and the Mars Bar. By February 2006, select songs were composed with harmonies, flute, and full band, and the intensity fired to record and release my developed creations as this, my debut EP, '5 Handcreams for Sandy'.
The EP's album title, and cover pictures came from an Avon order that I saw in my Mom's handwriting one morning during a visit home. Not only did the words feel good in my mouth to say aloud in a sultry voice, but the concept of laughing ironically at the pressure on women to buy into the American-housewife ideal, and spend hoards of money on beauty products to keep their husbands from leaving them was very pleasing. It was also an opportunity to express my bizarre humor, which is dichotomous to the serious subject matter of my songs. People may be baffled when they experience this dissonance, ... and I challenge them to witness the reality that humans are non-linear, multifaceted, complex creatures...and to allow themselves to be so.
Organic and original, my sound could be identified as an alchemy of Jeff Buckley, Elliot Smith, Beck, Fiona Apple and Tracy Bonham; with syncopated rhythms, deep poetics, and harmonies and melodies that "...could sing the wings off angels" Shannon Hutchins.
This music sets itself apart in through its originality. Most who hear it say they love it, and that they've never heard this style of sound before. The effects of a true listen bring inner and outer visions of human experience that are unlike any other sound-scape. It is down to earth, and way above it; real and imaginary; base and spiritual; it's own tender version of therapeutic-punk-soul.


Chewing Sand

Written By: Jacqui Gilroy

Chewing whitened Sand from my naked hand
Sweetens as it should, will it do their bodies good?
See it from her time
Sophisticate her rhyme
If death is gettin’ tall, she can’t pretend at all

Confused Little Babes
Frustrated Mimes
Get on this loveseat
And be my good friends right stinkin’ now
Cause I’m not afraid, to drool on your pillows
Make-out with your sorrows in dark sound
I’m tellin’ you, I will not watch you drown now

Oh...oh, oh, oh, OH!

Lettin’ go of seams
Undressin the daydream
Hiding isn’t clean - find out that screams won’t burn you
Release momma’s sleeve, white knuckles retreating
If armor’s getting soft then baby, grind
Take it off

Bonnet Tied

Written By: Jacqui Gilroy

If I was your Dolly
How would you dress me?:

.... Would I wear ruffled socks
A Unicorn Pin
My Bonnet Tied snuggly under my chin
Would you flaunt me as pure and free of all sin
And what would that say about you?

.... Would I strut with my fish nets
Lips filled in red
A teddy too tight to fit over my head
Or eye shadow matching those silk sheets on your bed
And what would that say about you?

#3 – Would my butt scream... “Abercrombie”
Hair... “Jennifer Aniston”
My shoes the same brand as the rest of your friends
Would I know where I started and other dolly’s began
And what would that say about you?

And if I was your dolly
how would you dress me
would you ask me some questions
find out who I am
see my soul and suit it up grand
or ask me to dress myself with my own hands
and what would that say about you?

If I gave into you then who would I be
Some design of your psyche through which you see and
Just an image of your desire
More you
Than it is me
...your needs making me see
I’ll never be exactly what you want me to be
Thank the lucky stars
I’m not your dolly

Boiled History

Written By: Jacqui Gilroy

Puddles grow where we fall in
‘Cause I’m not meant to feel your hands again

Squirmy palms, I forgive their sweat
Lick their tears
Refuse regret

All is well inside this time
It burns like hell, but all is always well

Crackin’ up to let out the time
Of your ages
Frying up pages
Of Boiled History

‘Cause these poisoned hands
Too weak now to carry
The petals of your forgiveness daisies
The pollen paints the floor,
‘Cause I can’t snort it anymore

Now I’m stopped on I-75
And they’re finally all catching up with me
Rushing through Running over
Smashing up
The statues of what I used to be


EP - 5 Handcreams for Sandy. Have streaming and radio airplay, at "Hollow Earth Radio", and KHNS, Alaska... just for starters.

Set List

Typical Set List: Bonnet Tied, Chewing Sand, Boiled History, Scene Compressed, Transfusion Now, Breakfast with Hate, Grace Requested, Heartbeat Heard, Pete Lust, Little Birds. Cover - "Between the Bars" - Elliot Smith. 11 songs. Set lasts around an hour.