New Electro Live Sensation! Dont miss out on what has been summers best kept secret - these guys are hot, balsy and not scared of laying down the phattest beats. its that good. seriously. The funkiest loops, mad bass lines, live Sax, sultry vocals and sick electro drumming. Afro Electro Pop GROOVES!


What do you get when you mix an electro drummer, funk rock guitarist, an afro bassist and a jazz singer...? People often struggle to put their finger on the genre, but we think afro-pop best describes the eclectic sound! Introducing jacSharp…

jacSharp began as a musical meeting of minds – with the group forming the live acoustic band in early 2005. After 2 years of relationship forging, jacSharp launched as a professional band in 2008. Soon after they had success in winning the Hewlett Packard Launch your Band Global competition – flying to Berlin to perform at the celebratory event held by HP for over 1000 international journalists.

Surging forward with a debut album mixed and engineered by a plethora of acclaimed international engineers the band has sculpted a foundation for radio success. With 2 singles already claiming air play prior to the records release! This did not go un-noticed and jacSharp soon found themselves enjoying the interest of several major publishing houses. They decided to go with Peermusic Publishing for all global territories as the company vision and level of professionalism is of the highest international standard.

Foreseeing a gap in the entertainment market and with a production vision in mind, the team designed and created jacSharp Electro – their secondary live show featuring a spectrum of trip-hop/dance remixes and new songs from their album. The show takes dance music to its next level – bringing a live element to the club scene whilst still maintaining the ease of action of the DJ. jacSharp like to call it their USB plug & play set... With a residency in the prime Camps Bay party zone at the exclusive club Karma Lounge, it seems those in the know have already stamped jacSharp Electro...Hot.

jacSharp is: Juliet Harding - who started writing music at the tender age of 12 and went on to wet her feet in the advertising world before committing all her energy to music in 2008 , Carl Wegelin - who developed a love for song-writing and jamming guitar throughout his school and university years, will easily shift from straight rock to his love of funk, reggae and experimental sounds, Ben Peters - who started out training as a Therapeutic Aroma Therapist but soon had his hands itching to be banging out the beats that cause heart palpitations. Ben has strong roots in trip-hop and electro music he adds an infectious groove to the mix resulting in an undeniable character to the songs, and Emelio Gassibe –who with his professionalism, knowledge of music and performance, and incredible skills on the bass guitar, is definitely the most experienced in the group, and added the final component to build the solid machine that is now jacSharp.

The eclectic sound that is jacSharp is already exploding both to the international and South African markets. Their brand has been established with hundreds of gigs behind them including prestigious festivals such as ‘South Africa’ day in London, Rocking the Daisies and Splashy Fen, a music video on DSTV’s MK channel, and extensive national radio airtime.

The vision behind jacSharp lies in building an empire of diverse business structures interwoven in the field of the music industry. Their ethical approach and professional delivery in all areas has lead to a reputation of efficiency and effectiveness across their band and brand portfolio.

If you dig to the core of this band, you will find something magical that has been built on a foundation of good times, solid relationships and musical diversity amongst the members. Through an understanding of their strengths they have taken this diversity, melted it down, mixed it together and energetically thrown it at their delighted audiences.

Needless to say, 2009 will see some surprising developments from this unique band who seem indomitable in their ambition for success.


Album : Technicolour (Preview at http://www.last.fm/music/JacSharp)
Radio Singles : Saving Grace, Tonight, What's Going Down and Distractions

Set List

We have 2 options of Sets:

Option 1 - jacSharp Full Band

* Original Music
* Afro/Pop/Rock
* Up to 2 Hour set of original music with 3 or 4 cover songs
* Full backline required

Option 2 - jacSharp Electro

* Origional Music
* Afro/house/lounge/dance (think Goldfish meets freshly ground)
* Up to 2 hour set of original music which is adaptable from lounge to grooving dance/house
* No back line required (same setup as Goldfish - DI into house sound system)