Jacuzzi Fuzz

Jacuzzi Fuzz

 Miami, Florida, USA

Reggae/Rock from Miami, Florida with prominent Grunge, Dub and Blues influences. Scary stuff.


Jacuzzi Fuzz hails from the insanely diverse city of Miami, FL and plays a blend of Reggae and Rock with roots that recall Grunge, Rocksteady, and a time when good music ruled the airwaves. The overall vibe that the band stems from is the idea to make different music, different than the norm. Music with spirit and integrity, focusing on the ever-evolving sound of Reggae, fusing styles of rock, dub, blues, jazz and everything in between. Since their first show in December 2002, the band has released an EP and 6 different sampler/demos, played numerous shows, clubs, towns, backyard parties, up and down Florida.

The latest project the band has been working on is a much anticipated album set to be put out by TreeHouse Records, which they have started recording with an increased musicianship, a better collective musicality, more in-depth lyrics, and an open mind about recording techniques, layers, and improvisation. The release date is Fall 2008.

Jacuzzi Fuzz has had the pleasure of playing with these bands: Authority Zero, the Expendables, State Radio, the Slackers, Big D and the Kids Table, The Supervillains, Whole Wheat Bread, Damian Marley, and Against All Authority.


Jacuzzi Fuzz

• starting a record label, TreeHouse Records, and organizing a successful kickoff party with feature article in the Miami New Times in January 2007.
• performing at a 'Miami New Times' newspaper kickoff party for the 'Best of 2005' issue
• Annual GenArt productions art show at Soho Lounge
• toured throughout Florida,
• Bob Marley/Peter Tosh/Sublime tribute shows,
• 420 Fest, Miami, FL
• Fete de la Musique Festival, Coconut Grove, FL
• Hurricane Katrina/Wilma benefit show
• several colleges throughout Florida
• have gained a large myspace.com network of friends, fans, clubs, venues, promoters, and bands.

• the New Times magazine in Miami
• Home Grown Music, (South Florida.com, and the Sun-Sentinel)
• FIU's 'Local Radiation' on Radiate 88.1
• The California based 'RepresentMusic' compilation "20Twenty"
• Miami compilations: Foshows.com, & Expansion of Sound.
• Miambiance magazine's 2004, 2005, & 2006 issues,
• the song "On My Last Nerve" received airplay on the South Florida commercial radio station 94.9 Zeta.
• Featured on a DVD of a comedy show called "6 Comics from Miami."
• featured regularly on Ace Radio.



Written By: Jacuzzi Fuzz

say nothin is virgin and resources tapped and goods are damaged, when you strike gold, my god you can feel it,
when you're sure of it, you're certain of it...

rise...paper princess
rise...baby take the
time.... to show me where you

say big up your style say ya big up your life, when you need jah, to see ya through your strife, when you're sure of it, you're certain of it, when you need love, you're convinced of it said

find me what i need didya find me what I need, a new way to scheme with my pockets filled deep, said money-money, money, money speaks loud, get what I need, then I walk around proud.

Get Ruff

Written By: Jacuzzi Fuzz

The Morning sneaks up on me again
but your moans are a sign of a new life
don't look so troubled, look alive
straddle me now, realize,
We come together.. to get ruff

oh Now its been fun, I think you need to run
I got someone else that I'd like to see
Gimme a call when you'd like to get ruff again

I wake up next to your naked body
Imagine the things I wanna do
I turn you over on your side
I said I'd go easy... but I lied
I brought you over to get ruff

Let me know if I owe you or if this was free

man I'm really gettin tired of some peoples' lies
there's really no need for a Saturday Night Fight
and Live from an Arena in a party in Miami
In a town too big to realize what it's worth
So we try to forget, we try to immortalize ourselves in the process but It's All GOOD


• Album & Single release scheduled for FALL 2008
• demos released in 2006,
• 'the Nothing to Kill Yourself Over demo' - 2005,
• 'the Mourning Miami EP' - 2004,
• select tracks are availiable for listening/download on purevolume.com/jacuzzifuzz & myspace.com/JacuzziFuzz

Set List

• We usually play songs from both the EP & the demo cd, several new ones from the upcoming cd, and a few dub jams here and there.
• Covers include but not limited to: nirvana, bob marley & the wailers, peter tosh, sublime, whatever you wanna hear, etc....
• We can play from :30 min to 3 hours.