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streaming music video 1st one http://bit.ly/J10yL visit it tell me what you think? very quick raw footage.



I guess it's in my blood, my father played with Marty Robbins in his earlier years but then was drafted into the war and they lost touch, I used be fascinated by the richness of the guitar he played. I began teaching myself to play it when nobody was around, until after a couple of years I got caught playing his guitar without his permission, thanks to my nosey neighbor. After that Imade my 1st guitar from a couple of broken ones I had found, and made a 12 string electric, which some body may have because I lost it in a storage shed I couldn't make payments on in Fresno Ca. I have always had a regular job and always spent at least some time regularly playing learning and defining my own styles, but I definitely respect Jimmy Page, Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie, All The Beatles, Queen, Roy Orbison, All The Eagles, Steve Miller, Carlos Santana, The Moody Blues, Johnny Cash, Elton John, Marty Robbins, Journey, Jefferson Air/Ship, Melissa Ethridge( I'm Battling Cancer Too), plus many many other bands who have more than one hit wonders. Working all my life as an appliance technician/electrician, computer repair, and building inspector, I have aquired alot of knowledge to help me put anything together, and then play it. I am now spending my redirected by Cancer life living the things I have cherished and dreamed of everyday but always put aside for family and work to struggle along as a working class citizen. Now I have mountains of music and desires as vast as the oceans awaiting me to jump in and revisit those ideas, feelings and unique thoughts and compose the world as I see it. People have always told me that I see things differently, and I do! I see good in bad, and visa versa. I believe good people are really bad people with alot of self control and common sense, and bad people are really good people who have had to make terrible choices and suffer as they look back on those deciscions and never got out of life what they longed for. Being backed into a corner a lifetime is something that nobody should have to suffer. What sets my music apart from others?...Well I think it's the top to bottom and beyond thinking I posses. I can fit into any category, but then I fidget and stray off to somewhere else my desires lead, but rest assured I'll return again like a comet! lol! Oh and hopefully brighter and bringing along with me new things from far away that will others will find new and exciting to experience. It's a big world out there and I'm just getting started, but where ever I go on this planet it will always feel like home. I guess I'm like a cameleon... changing colors, on the inside. Adjusting to almost anything that comes along in my life. But it doesn't change who I am and what I believe in. It just adds to me and who I am, but not changing what I believe unless I was wrong! Then I'll be the first to admit it and laugh while I'm wiping off my shoes! I've been through alot in my life and hope to do more, good and bad experiences are all the same to me, the've made me what I am. So listen to the audio track above and listen to what I can do with a $70.00 Honer Guitar!