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non-existent smile

Written By: Jadeashley Lynn Lord

I'm trying to figure out who I'll be and what i will become, don't know the path i soon will choose, but i'll know it in the end. I can't decode my emotions no more...so sad and confused.

I always have a smile so no one asks "whats wrong?"
I don't reveal my tears that fall cause i've hid them all along, behind my non-existent smile.
I feel as though I'm dying inside and no ones else is around, someone save me now! ='[

I don't mean to be so pessimist, but I don't know how else to feel. I don't know how to explain and i don't know how to deal...don't judge me because

the way i feel......

This excrusciating pain inside my heart.....exists more than my smile....

? Don't know what to do anymore...Give up?or try?