Concerned more with self-expression and a do-it-yourself sensibility they share a passion for original music where they bring freshness tendency to recontextualize the sounds of the past. The songs are extremely personal and they come straight from the heart through an expressive, crystalline voice


"At her young age, she presents herself with an enormous level of maturity and sophistication that extends beyond her years. She has recently released a three-song EP that she describes as “a peek at her soul.” If that description is accurate, then much is going on in there. The songs are extremely personal, and they’ll wrench your heart in a very original way." --Toronto Columnist Bob Battams.

In 2003, Laura Smith (singer, songwriter and pianist), and Danielle Oegema (violinist), met at the post-secondary institution, Brock University. Both Laura and Danielle studied music. They quickly became friends and realized their shared passion for original music. The two collaborated to add addictive violin melodies to the over twenty songs already written by Laura. By the summer of 2006, Jaded was officially formed, and the two friends began playing at local venues.

Danno O’Shea was almost instantly added to the mix after listening to Jaded’s recordings on myspace. Jaded was thrilled to add such an experienced drummer. Alexisonfire, Bedouin Soundclash, Theory of a Deadman, Chantel Kreviazuk, Oliver Black and Mobile are only a few of the name brands that Danno has shared the stage with. His diversity and experience was exactly what the group needed.

Recording engineer and Producer, Kyle Whittaker, has been recently added to the band as acoustic guitarist and back up vocalist. This singer/songwriter is the perfect addition to the band as he brings original guitar melodies and distinct well-blended vocal sounds. The songs are recorded and produced at deafsoul studios, http://www.deafsoulstudios.com, where kyle is attending post secondary education in Recording Engineering and Production in Buffalo, New York.

Jaded is now looking forward to finally releasing an album. They have created a sound to call their own and promise to bring something different and unexpected to the stage. After playing all over the Niagara region, and in Toronto, Burlington and Hamilton, this exciting new band is looking forward to writing, recording and touring in the next year. Jaded’s audiences are anticipating this new album with just as much excitement as the band itself.

Jaded is also excited to announce their newest addition, Paul Palynchuck to the band. He is an outstanding keyboardist and vocalist. He has vast experiences in recording, and currently works at a local television channel as a film producer.


Album ready in June 2008

Inquire about "selling my soul" the band's EP 2007

Set List

We typically play 40-50 minute sets. We have enough material to do longer if needed and are willing to do covers. We mainly stick to our originals. This is what a typical set list looks like:

Who Am I
Hang On
Say It (words can't feel this)
One Sweet Day
He Let Her Cry
Auntie Elaine's Song