Jade Day

Jade Day

 Austin, Texas, USA

Jade Day is a prolific singer-songwriter. His music bridges the gap between soulful folk and alternative rock. Think Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Andrew Bird, Elliott Smith.


Jade Day (his given name) was raised in a small town on the high plains of Colorado. His family of working musicians nurtured his inborn love and propensity for the art. In college, Jade studied philosophy and theater while fronting the alternative rock band Penysol. After two solid years of playing shows in the Denver area, he uprooted to Austin, Texas to develop his singular sound: a blend of soulful folk and alternative rock that is amassing an army of true believers.

Two solo/acoustic demos quickly laid the foundation for a loyal local following. With this new support, Jade sought to form a group that would fully convey his artistic vision. The result was the album "Chimera”. Comparisons to such highly regarded artists as Jeff Buckley and Thom York (Austin Chronicle 9/04, Village Voice 8/05) were made in response to Jade's range of delicate falsettos escalating into powerful wails atop a landscape of haunting melodies.

On the road, Jade continues to gerate more recognition by showcasing at top festivals as SxSW (Austin), NxNE (Toronto), and the International Folk Alliance Conference. Tours from coast to coast at premier venues such as NYC's Living Room, L.A.'s The Mint, Boston's Johnny D's, and Denver's Quixote's helped broaden Jade's national profile. In between tours, Jade continues to write, record, and experiment with new players and concepts.

Jade's latest album, Of Waking… focuses on the direct relationship of voice and guitar. On this album, ornate instrumentation elevates Jade’s material beyond conventional genre distinctions. With his surplus of songwriting talent now being matched by his evolving abilities as a musician, arranger, and producer, it is truly fascinating to watch Jade Day unfold.

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Bow to Reason

Written By: Jade Day

There’s a lady, she plays the night-
While her lover falls on the spike
And the people pay to see-
Fools taking turns with tragedy

If I bow to reason-
How will I reach back to Eden?
How will I remember me to her?

You’re a clever little thing-
With your not so broken wing
Ask me over just for tea-
But the table’s set for three
Isn’t this what we all pay to see-
Fools taking turns with tragedy?

So tired of one emotion-
Kept alive with this devotion
If I could lie forever open-
Love’s a habit-
I’d have broken (in)

Switchboard Fantasy

Written By: Jade Day

Switchboard fantasy- I romanticize everything
The thrill of rotary- Oh, such mystery on the line
It’s strange- how we retain the same intent in refrain

Thrift store treasury- time has designs on everything
An ideology’s cosmetology in decline
It’s strange- how we exchange the same display

And we run circles around the sun-
Circles around the ones we love

The heart is stranger than any stranger you may know
And love- the most dangerous place you’ll ever go-
Away- just for the day
You need the rest-


"Of Waking..." - LP, released 2007
"Chimera" - LP, released 2005
"Chimera" - EP, released 2005
"The Taste" - acoustic demo, released 2003
"In Absence or Abuse" - acoustic demo, released 2003

Set List

100% original;
set time and repertoire depends on if doing solo or w/ band