Jaded Blues Band

Jaded Blues Band


We are an all-original blues-rock band with a progressive edge. Influences of Hendrix, Zeppelin, Cream, ZZ-Top even Pearl Jam. Our lead singer/guitarist/lyricist is an old soul of 23yrs with a gift of story-telling using melodic guitar riffs and harmonica.


What sets us apart from other bands is the fact that we are true to our music and our need to play our own originals takes a large precedence. We have played gigs troughout the Ottawa region and at the risk of not being ANOTHER COVER BAND have found that audiences enjoy our tunes. Blues is a huge influence, secondary is rock and roll...and we have found a great marriage between both.
All band members have been involved in music in one way, shape or form for most of their lives and on stage is a very comfortable and happy place for Jaded Blues Band. Thank you!


We have been to two different recording studios in the last year and a half, sold almost 500 copies of our c.d.'s in Ottawa as a good start considering we had to do a remix. Actually had the pleasure of playing in front of Ellwood Blues himself at the Rainbow Bistro. Positive feedback on originals.

Set List

Typical set list.....We do 3 sets with 8-9 songs each. A set can be short, (one hour), or longer depending on venue. This is because we do mostly our own tunes. If a cover is needed, we go to zz-top, Hendrix, Clapton, ......