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Jaded Era


Since forming 9 years ago in the same elementary school classroom, this innovative female-fronted ROCK band has matured into an astounding presence in Ohio. The dedication they have for their music & eachother is unheard of in today’s music world. jadedera.com


Since forming 9 years ago in Akron / Cuyahoga Falls, OH with Kira, Jeff, Eric, and Marco in the same 7th grade classroom, this innovative female-fronted ROCK band has grown into a powerful presence throughout the midwest. The band has come a long way since their elementary school dances. Not many people would have thought that a bunch of 14 year-old kids playing in front of a tip jar could stick together and mature into what is now been voted as Cleveland's Best Rock Band for the 3rd year in a row by Scene & Free Times Magazine. Fueled by life-long friendships and passion for their music, JE thrives on putting heart and soul back into Rock & Roll. Jaded Era enjoys exceeding popular standards, while packing clubs all over Ohio. They are always attacking the stage with a high energy set and giving their fans a true rock show. “Those saying that the music scene is dead, Jaded Era proves them wrong.” - The Record Courier

Jaded Era's title track from their 2003 album "Invisible" is currently being performed by Ashlee Simpson. It recently Hit #1 on MTV's TRL, debuted #28 on the Billboard Hot 100 (Ashlee's highest debut of her career), and was #1 most downloaded Pop song on iTunes the week of July 18th, #2 overall.

Jaded Era is continuing a massive buzz from their 2nd album (Invisible) with their new record Study of the Human Race. The title track from their “Invisible” record has been in regular rotation on Cleveland’s largest rock station WMMS, which is unheard of for a local band in their area.  Independent stations all over the midwest continue to pick up JE tunes.

They were chosen by Billboard Magazine, Taxi, and Disc Makers as a top finalist in the Midwest for the 2005 Independent Music World Series. Taxi also helped JE land their tunes in a few films and TV shows including "South of Nowhere" a show on The N Network, the nighttime network for teens. They've also been stirring up interest on the west coast. With their first ever visit to Los Angeles in 2003, JE found themselves showcasing for presidents of major labels and publishing companies. The band has recently been recording demos for Geffen Records. The group was managed by Benny Medina & Handprint Entertainment from 2003-2004 and JE's legal representation is Mario Gonzalez and Todd Cooper at Greenberg & Traurig, LLP.

JE, themselves, have independently released three full-length albums, and they are currently working on a fourth. Tim Patalan (Sponge, Lovedrug, The Fags), mixed and co-produced Invisible, JE’s follow-up to 2001’s Laugh at the World, as well as tracks on Study of the Human Race. While touring diligently for many years, JE has played over 700 shows and sold more than 6,000 CDs out of the back of their minivan. Recently chosen to open for Bon Jovi at Q-Arena, they’ve also shared stages with Maroon 5, Evanescence, Sugar Ray, Alanis, BNL, Steppenwolf, The Flaming Lips & many more... JE creates a buzz wherever they go, including on the web at Myspace - www.myspace.com/jadedera.

Combining the stunningly powerful and precise "come-hither" vocals of lead singer Kira Leyden with the driving energy of the band, Jaded Era draws from influences all over the board such as Pearl Jam, Queen, The Pretenders, No Doubt and The Kinks. With experience of songwriters twice their age and known for having one of the most exciting live shows in town, they continue to remind the world what a true female-fronted rock band can do with their own unique and creative vision. "Critics are touting Jaded Era and their new CD to be a hit in waiting." - Scene Magazine.


My Heart's on the Line

Written By: Leyden, Andrea, Ortopan

My heart is beating faster than it ever beat before.
I feel we’re headed for disaster,
it’s time we settled up the score.

I’m thinking why do I feel like

I’ve got two hands, but my hands are tied?
And my heart my heart my heart baby,
my heart’s on the line.
If I let my hair down will you cut it all off?
But my heart my heart my heart baby was never enough.

You love to see me cornered.
You love to see me sweat.
Well honey take a number. I’m the one you won’t forget.


Written By: Leyden, Andrea

Like a grain on the beach
Like a star in the sky
Far too many to count with the naked eye
They won’t see you

Go ahead
Walk on by
You don’t know I’m alive
Maybe one day you’ll find
You should open your eyes
You don’t know me

You’re the one who looked right through me
Now you’re saying that you knew me
When I was invisible
And you’re the one who walked right through me
Now you’re saying that you knew me
When I was invisible

Little things adding up
Try so hard not to rush
Giving in, letting go of the world we know
They won’t see you

Force it down
Lose the taste
They all think it’s a waste
We don’t need to believe every word they say no
They don’t know me

It’s so easy to be lost
But maybe you’re not lost at all

Oh do you recognize me?
Oh do you know who I am?
Oh do you see me now?
Do you see me now?

I’m invisible


Written By: Leyden, Andrea

Step on me she begs him please use me one more time.
He’ll brush her off like a disease,
and then she’ll hit the wall.
But it’s too late she can’t buy back all the things she sold.
She won’t forgive.
She won’t forget the lies he told her.

I wonder if I’ll ever see you again
you put me down with every chance you had.
I wonder when you will come back to me,
crawling on your hands and knees.
I don’t need you now.

Where were you when I needed someone to pull me out?
Where were you when I was all alone?
All alone. It’s so dirty I can’t move, stuck in the mud again.
It’s so hot I think I’m burning, now I’ll burn you.
I’m not giving up. I’m not giving in.

I’m not giving up.
I won’t let you win.
I don’t need you now.

The Best Things

Written By: Leyden, Andrea, Hilj

If love is for the foolish, what’s left for the smart?
Money buys you plenty, but it won’t buy you heart.
Keep your palace with its gold key, and I’ll live in this hole.
If that will keep me grounded I won’t sell my soul.

Cause the best things in life are free,
and it kills me when I can’t see
the good that’s right in front of me.
The best things are free.

If you only had a short time,
would you make it worth while?
Taking all your chances, would you walk every mile?
Cause everybody’s driving, driving in the fast lane.
No one ever stops to look around.
I don’t want to waste this, I won’t be blind.


Written By: Leyden, Andrea

We put our names in lights and exercise our rights - God given.
You’ll buy the perfect face time can be erased with science.
But no one really listens when

Lightening strikes.
We think we have tonight to make it right,
but no one really knows why lightening strikes.
We think we’ll be alright we still have time,
but I don’t really know why.

We will be replaced by the vanity we chase with poison.
We all know too well we built this prison cell with malice.
Say you’ll stay here with me, that you’ll never leave me.
When lightening strikes we think we still have time tonight.

Say Goodbye to Me

Written By: Leyden, Andrea

Well I always thought it was you and me
Against the world
One was for all together
But now that you’re gone
I will not hold on
Keeping you here
Here in my heart no longer

Say goodbye to my love
And all our forevers
Say goodbye to the dawn
A new sun’s coming up
Say goodbye to me

Here I will stand on my own two feet
Once again you took the weight
From my shoulders
With all that I gave
Nothing’s left to save
No common ground
No need for lies anymore

Say goodbye to my love
And all our forevers
Say goodbye to the dawn
A new sun’s coming up
Say goodbye to me

I gave my blood
I’ve given enough to you
But there’s one thing left to do

Say goodbye to my love
And all our forevers
So kiss my ass goodbye
Say it to me oh
Say goodbye to me


Study of the Human Race LP (2004)
Invisible Music Video and Live DVD (2004)
Invisible LP (2003)
Laugh at the World LP (2001)
Jaded Era EP (2000)

Set List

Usually 45 to 90 minutes.

All originals, maybe with a cover or two once in a while.