Jaded Faith

Jaded Faith


Jaded Faith's sound is a complex one that stands out from their contemporaries. Combining all the elements of todays most successful modern rock bands, they deliver on a level rarely seen in today's local original scene and take command of every crowd they perform for.


Jaded Faith’s unique brand of melodic hard rock will pull you in and leave you craving more. A driving rhythm section lays the sonic foundation. Twin guitars dance in a seamless assault of driven hooks and searing melodies. Synths and classically influenced piano paint yet another layer of aural landscape. Touch it off with soaring vocal harmonies ranging from the voice of an angel to the growl of a demon and you have an idea of what the average listener has in store for them.

With three EP's and countless live shows to their credit, Jaded Faith has become a staple of the local music scene. They have been delivering powerful performances in and around the Northeast for the last 6 years, with regular shows throughout Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware and NYC. Dedication to their craft has shaped Jaded Faith’s sound throughout it’s evolution to its current height. The band released its third EP “Scratching the Surface” in November of 2007, joining 2004’s “Jaded Faith” and 2002’s “Portrayed”.


2002: "Portrayed" EP

2004: "Jaded Faith" EP

2007: "Scratching The Surface" EP

Set List

Typical set consists of 7-12 originals, with the occasional cover mixed in. Typical set length is 40-60 minutes. A sample set list of originals would be as follows:

Here and Now
Impossible Dream
The Only One
Fading Away
Broken Glass