Jaded Hipster Choir
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Jaded Hipster Choir

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | INDIE

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | INDIE
Band EDM Avant-garde


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Misere Nostri"

Hot off the presses.
Get lost in all its swirling majesty. - White Guys With Beards

"Pill Wonder"

All that I’ve ever wanted was a cure and all that I’ve ever been given was a pill. They gave me small pills in pale yellow shades or bright light blues. They gave me large flaming orange horse pills that the tiny amount of water in those paper cups could barely wash down. There were many various pleasing diversions that came from them like the vivid lucid dreaming and the tingle through my spine and while I have enjoyed them all over the years none of them will or could ever make me any better. No matter how hard they try to make me forget or distract me I am still left wanting to be cured.

I’m the first to openly admit that when first listening to Jaded Hipster Choir I didn’t quite get it right away. Not that it was bad or uncomfortable music by any standard it just seemed on first listen that it wasn’t my flavor. However after doing the write up for the Kumon Plaza album re-release I thought I should give them a second chance due to The Joe and Franny being featured on a reworked vocal version of Hans Kruger and I was pleased that I did having since become a fan of their work. Over the last day I’ve been sitting with the latest release titled Pill Wonder which was recently released absolutely free for download and also can be purchased for only five dollars in two various formats (cassette or hand packed mini cds). This album is a wonderland of experimental synth pop at it’s finest with the two playing their vocal parts over some of the most creative mixtures of electronic and organic sounds I’ve heard all year. Programmed drums and keys share the stage with trombone and flute parts mixing future and past sounds into a harmonious handshake. Be sure to read the story of how the album was made while scoping out places to download here for some interesting insights into the albums recording and if at first you aren’t turned on by their sounds on your first listen give it a second chance. I can promise you that you won’t regret it.
- Good Pop Bad Pop

"Mushrooms for Breakfast"

I've been in this tree for days. I used to go here when I was afraid of losing you. If things didn't feel right somehow this... forty foot tall, sturdier than rock, mass of wood and leaves and sediment and life, it knew me and it would tell me how to fix it. I no longer know how to talk to it without you being a part of me. I have started to believe that the wood that made our secret dock was cut from the tree's brethren. The dock has started to splinter a lot more since our rift and I cannot help but to assume that we are at fault. For years I have tried to sort out how my falling under the water might have caused your absence. A lot of times I wonder if seeing the ghosts scared you more than you had let on. The last time I absorbed demons you were there. The last time I attempted bringing down all that I had gained you were there. The sad reality of it is that I was not there. And that was probably only a piece of you. I have had to accept that neither of who we were exists anymore and it continues to eat at me. I'm finding it almost impossible to not see you anymore. So here I sit, in the tree that at one point could mend anything. Weeks have gone by and I don't feel any closer.
- Get Off The Coast

"Jaded Hipster Choir ? Sacred Muses"

Through choral arrangements, art installations, and movie soundtracking, an vision was instilled into Thomas’ mind. Jaded Hipster Choir is his vision of reich-inspired classical pop with minimal-techno flavourings, help brought to life by the voice of Franny’s cherub voice, calling it “peach-pop”. They’ll be going to harness and distil their sound into an full-length album, featuring full choral arrangements, synth flourishes, and acoustic sessions in the woods, fully encompassing their vision. It’ll be out digitally and cassettes via Old Ugly Records in Canada and (hopefully) vinyl through AMDISCS in Europe by the end of summer, but for now download three free EPs, including Relax (from which “Sacred Muses” was taken) over at their bandcamp. - theroadgoeseveron.tumblr.com


Originally discouraged when double-booked for his tape-release party, Thomas Mamos, aka Jaded Hipster Choir, will finally let his beautiful, precocious creation see the light of day. A gorgeous collection of ambient, cinematic synth pop, I Will Not Sing Your Praises Here is one part Owen Pallett tribute, one part pill-induced bliss, but at its heart is a wonderfully disjointed, disoriented journey of pure pop sensibilities from the prolific 18-year-old.

"A lot of people say [I'm prolific], but I don't really know how to take that," he grins. "I mean, I listen to a lot of music. I'm constantly listening to music, then I'll bang out 10 songs.

"If I have an idea, I'll record it and then that's it. I don't hold on to it—I'd rather just get it out there. I don't like possessing my work that way."
This impatience with his own work doesn't come from recklessness so much as his own youthful distraction and adoration for artists like Pallett to fellow Edmontonian Gobble Gobble. In its own right, I Will Not Sing ... is a confident blend of his sincerest passions: instrumental synth pop with techno and ambient flavours, filled out with textured, processed vocals.

"I wrote most of it when I was 16, so it's not supposed to be a mature, well-thought-out record. It's supposed to be a bunch of half-baked ideas, energetic and angsty," he notes. "I wanted people to hear all those different ideas ... before I release my next album this summer." - Vue Weekly

"Don't Stop The Party On My Account"

Usually I'm the first one to say "fuck that electronic bullshit" or "remix? remix my dick!"

I'm that guy. Electronic music is a hard sell with me, always has been. I hate bands like WASHED OUT and the legion of bands who want to be that dude (what kind of name is Ernest, anyways? A dumb fucking stupid name.)

JADED HIPSTER CHOIR is not part of that group of wannabes. Two people, from what I understand, named THOMAS AND FRANNY, tweaking songs into twitchy pop gems.

"DON'T STOP THE PARTY ON MY ACCOUNT" is mellow, but there is enough going on to keep your attention. Warm synth waves and a crunchy beat drive this song in a loopy, yet straight path.

They describe themselves as "chillwave", but fuck all that Carles speak. This is solid, lo-fi electronic pop that would make those weird dudes in AIR smile.

- junglerot.blogspot.com


Pill Weekend, Sept 30 / 2010



Jaded Hipster Choir makes so called "Pill-Wave", featuring bright synths, minimal techno + live percussion, fragmented vocals, and delayed guitars.

Played with: GOBBLE GOBBLE, Rich Aucoin, Teen Daze, Diamond Rings