As you may know Jaded Mary and the world lost a great person & very talented lead singer… Jeremy Jenniges. This has been an extremely difficult time but our love for Jeremy & music lives on. Check out our 3 new tracks... have a great vocal idea for these? Submit your contact info and vocal material.


Have you been Jaded?

JadedMary has been igniting and illuminating the Pacific Northwest for over a decade. Their high energy performances have been stimulating the minds of their audience with astonishing lyrics, nasty grooves and a hook that lingers.

Building a strong following with independently produced gigs, JadedMary has also shared the bill with such acts as: The Presidents of the United States of America, Gruntruck, Loaded (Duff McKagan), Elevator to Hell, Zeke, The Healing Sixes (Jason Bonham), and various other national acts. JadedMary has managed to keep a steady buzz in the local music scene. They have caught the attention of industry professionals, receiving local and national airplay/media coverage and generating interest in markets abroad.

JadedMary consistently delivers a well rehearsed performance. Their compositions incorporate individual proficiencies, diverse styles and unique talents.

Jeremy Jenniges held a bachelor’s in Music Performance and Education.

Teb has formally studied Music composition, Theory and Technique.

Jamal’s original melodic approach to bass began at age 9.

Leif Wagner is a classically trained percussionist.

Separately they each hold a dominant presence in their field of expertise. Together, they create a sound that appeals to markets past, present and future. Never compromising. Always evolving.

JadedMary has collectively organized and operated a progressive franchise that has benefited venue and artist alike.

Conscious of the needs of fans and venues, JadedMary has been known to charter buses to ensure the safe arrival of their “Jaded Junkies”. The “Majik Bus”also secures a solid attendance and guarantees a lucrative outcome. Their constantly growing fan base increases with every performance.

Jaded Mary’s longevity, musical approach, dynamic performance and professional attitude has earned them a legacy of respect and admiration

You have but one question to ask?

Have you been Jaded?


Misc. Demos, EPs and LPs

Set List

Jaded Mary has an extensive catalog of original songs including dozens of well rehearsed and polished originals. This has been very beneficial in adapting each live show to target the specific crowd resulting in the best audience participation and band name recognition. Jaded Mary prides itself in a high energy stage performances and well written material.