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"Retreat EP Review"

Jaded Playboy
With two EPs behind them, this four-piece formed in early 2007 to quite a bit of success according to their MySpace page. Currently touring, they would definitely be worth a look…

Shards – Jaded Playboy

A spiky punk-pop track, this certainly wouldn't be out of place in the record collection of any Clash fan. Strong melodies and a catchy beat make this an enjoyable hummable song. A stand-out track.

Sacred Shots – Jaded Playboy

More up-tempo than Shards, the post chorus distorted guitars seem slightly off-kilter at first, but make more sense as the track progresses. Seemingly a mish-mash of different styles, I'm not sure this really works on all levels. Where it can't be faulted is in energy levels-the band sound at their most involved compared to other tracks, but the finished product requires some work.

Little Cinders – Jaded Playboy

An excellent end-of-relationship lament, Little Cinders highlights the lyrical and melodic strength of the band. Reminiscent of an updated Cure, the tracks spiky guitars compliment lead singer Scott's vocals well. A return to the more pop sound of Shards, this track confirms the band should concentrate on less metal, more melody.

Retreat – Jaded Playboy

A rockier track, this is the only truly off-key moment from the band. While they are successful in the punk realm, this heavier type of song seems to go nowhere as if they ran out of ideas. Generic metal does not do them justice. Stick to what you're good at guys.


With some great songs and tight production, this band could soon be coming to a radio near you…if they continue to produce tracks like Shards and Little Cinders.

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JP EP June 2007
Retreat July 2008

Bled - airplay on XFM Scotland 2007-2008
Wooden Floor - live acoustic session Talk 107 2008 (full track available on www.myspace.com/jadedplayboy)
Shards - airplay on Talk 107 2008



Influenced by most of the great British and American rock bands of the last two decades, the early British punk scene, and every band we ever shared a stage with, jaded playboy have been together for 2 years. The band has gigged extensively across southern and central Scotland and received airplay on XFM Scotland and a prime time live acoustic session and interview on Talk 107 during the Edinburgh Festival, and also played the open air main stage of Edinburgh's famed Fringe Sunday in 2007. They played the JAR Music Group's music industry showcase at the end of last year and were selected as one of 75 bands nationally to receive an in depth review of the band's credentials. Recently the band were also selected to appear on Californian record company '272 Records' 'Punk Kills Vol VII' album. The band plan to record their third EP in early summer. They have also been confirmed for a slot at Glasgow's Southside Festival this May.