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Dublin, Leinster, Ireland | INDIE

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland | INDIE
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"Album review (Classic Rock) 7/10"

“Now, this is the kind of thing that bodes well for modern rock’n’roll – a band with classic rock influences dripping each and every pore, yet a fresh and vital approach giving them a very contemporary vibe. Dublin’s Jaded Sun have clearly been drenched in the elite of vintage rock – we’re talking Faces, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Free, Rolling Stones, Skynyrd, the list goes on, each guitar lick and slide solo betraying exactly what kind of rock band they aspire to be… Assuming we actually get a summer this year, Jaded Sun ought to be part of the soundtrack in a very big way”. 7/10

- Classic Rock - Essi Berelian

"Album review (Karrang) KKK"

APPARENTLY FROM Dublin, Jaded Sun sound roughly as Irish as Kanye West. Instead think classic rock of a geographical type that lies midway between London's old Marquee Club and the United States of America. While the fact that the exact spot is in the wilds of the Atlantic Ocean is certainly a good thing, it's not to say that Gypsy Trip is lacking in Charm. The more you drink, the better this album will sound; about 10 seconds before you require emergency surgery it probably sounds like Back In Black. Grey morning sober, though, and this is competent hard rock of a kind that prospered before Metallica came along and fucked everything up. Still better than The Answer, though. 3/5 - Karrang, Ian Winwood

"Album review (Power Play)"

Judging by the quility of Jaded Sun's debut album, they could quite easily be the illegitimate offspring of Thin Lizzy. To put it bluntly, "Gypsy Trip" is a fantastic hook-laden first album in the grand tradition of such heavyweight classic rockers as Deep Purple, Whitesnake and UFO. They've got their own classic rock sound down to an art and the production is smooth and almost effortless.

Jaded Sun formed in Dublin in 2003 and since then they have been refining and tightening their style on stage as often as possible. As well as supporting Bon Jovi in Dublin in 2006, they have previously released a single called "Raw" and an EP "Falling On The Fears". This, their first full feature opus, was recorded in glamourous Los Angeles with producers Richie Mouser and Jimmy Coup, former guitarist with Andrew WK. So having a good production team onboard clearly inspired and aided the band.

Jaded Sun is: singer John Maher, guitarists Sean Gosker and Eorann Stafford, bassist Damien Kelly and drummer Gavan Murray. As well as some really good riffs and memorable melodies, the vocals of Mr Maher are really quite striking. Songs like 'Hey You!', 'Higher', and 'Fever' are strong reminders that rock is certainly not dead and that there are young bands out there keeping the flag flying high. There's a good amount of blues in the album although they are not specifically a blues band the way The Answer are. Ultimately "Gypsy Trip" is an inspiring debut Album. 8/10 - Power Play, Neil Daniels

"Jaded Sun - Gypsy Trip "Blues Rock Stunner""

Rock continues to be on a Roll in 2008. Following hard on the heels of Airbourne, Voodoo Six, and also fellow Irish rockers The Answer, Jaded Sun have produced a debut album of powerful, guitar driven, bluesy hard rock album that you wont be forgetting in a hurry. This band are here to stay!

Formed in 2003, Jaded Sun went through the paces as most other bands do, gigging and saving to enable them to record their critically acclaimed debut EP “Raw” in 2004. The EP titled track “Raw” launched their rock profile to a national stage becoming the most downloaded track on Ireland's premier download charts. The track broke all down load records in Ireland, staying at the top of the charts for almost 30 weeks.

In May 2005, the band straight into the studio with Ireland's top rock producers Chris O’Brien and Graham Murphy, Chris being known for his work with Aslan, Hot House Flowers, Adam Clayton and The Boom Town Rats. The band started 2006 running with a plethora of gigs topping the year with their amazing performance supporting Bon Jovi in Croke Park, showing them as Irelands hottest new rock band for years. (Jaded Sun are only the third Irish band ever to play in Ireland’s largest music arena.)

Jaded Sun spent most of last year writing and finalising songs for their debut Album. With all concentration on the record, the band played only a few gigs in 07’ including an outdoor headline gig in Zagreb Main Square, Croatia and the Hennessy Artistry, Ireland. Jaded Sun are a blend of some of the best sleeze rock bands you can wish for. A rock ‘cake mix’ of Velvet Revolver, The Answer, Zeppelin, Black Crowes, Hanoi Rocks to name but a few. So if any of these are your idea of cock rock heaven then look no further. Songs are melodic, bluesy (very), and damned foot tappin, head bangingly gooooood.

But its 80’s style rock fodder, I don’t mean that in a bad way. It just needs dragging, kickin and screamin’ to the noughties. The cd starts of well enough with the guitar driven rockers ‘Breaking Through’ and ‘Crazyman’. ‘Hey You’ is definitely stolen from the AC/DC back catalogue style of blues driven rock with the intro very similar to Rock and Roll Aint Noise Pollution. With ‘Crazy’ a more heart on your sleeve ballad, Jaded Sun prove they can play two types of music ��" Country AND Western! (Lighters at the ready folks).

The album is very polished. Jaded Sun have been building up to this point in their careers for years and are not planning to go down without a good fight. I can imagine these songs sounding even better in the live arena. I know they’ve been around for six years ago, but they will be a contender for newcomers of the year in many a mag, I’m sure. 10/13 - Room Thirteen

"Album review (Live 4 Metal)"

This one is a toughie to review. I've had this album in my possession for about 6 or 7 weeks, but it feels like it's been one of my favourite albums for the past twenty years. About this time last year I raved about Cornerstone's Two Tales Of One Tomorrow being the best classic rock album since the 80s, well I'm going to stick my neck out once again. Jaded Sun's Gypsy Trip is the best Hard Rock album I've heard in at least the last 20 years.
Jaded Sun, seem to have come from nowhere, as I'd never heard of them before this album arrived, but they've honed their skills on the Irish gig circuit and even supported Bon Jovi at Croke Park in May 2006. And that hard road work has obviously paid off as this album is

as mature as it gets. You'd never guess this was a debut album as they seamlessly blend together the best of Southern greats Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet with the fire of the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Guns N Roses and this is topped off with the lilting beauty of the Black Crowes at their very best and the feel good factor of Thunder. And while I've just name checked some of the greatest rock bands on the planet, Jaded Sun are right up there with them and this isn't a plagiaristic album, I'm just trying to highlight how damn good this band is and how good the music is.
An obvious focal point for Jaded Sun is frontman John Maher. This man has a fabulous set of lungs and just breathes good old fashioned rock n roll. If pushed, I'd say he's a mixture of Thunders Danny Bowes and The Black Crowes Chris Robinson. And while I can sit back and marvel at his voice, it's the slide guitars that totally win me over here. Pure Southern goodness, although this time, from the Southern states of Ireland. Opener Breaking Through is so good, I'm almost tempted to make this my album of the year on this song alone. But then the kick ass Crazyman comes firing out, all guns blazing and you just know that Jaded Sun are destined for mega stardom. And that is the single fact that makes this album hard to be judgemental about. I feel that I've known every song for years. They feel both familiar & new and exciting at the same time. Every time I hear Neil Young's Rocking In The Free Wold, I'm pumped up and I shout along with the lyrics (There's one more kid that will never go to school - Never get to fall in love, never get to be cool) even though I've heard it 100's of times before. And I believe Jaded Sun have the same quality in their song writing and performance. And trying to choose a favourite song is near on impossible. Best of the Southern influenced numbers though, is probably Can't Stop, which is pure Lynyrd Skynyrd, albeit with Rod Stewart, circa The Faces fronting them. Sweetness shows another side to the band repertoire and reminds me of Aerosmith's Dream On and is definitely a number for the arenas, once the band reaches those lofty heights of course. You know the music business is such a bastard of a place to succeed in, I really hope that Jaded Sun get the success they deserve as its bands like this that keep the music industry alive. I don't normally promote large online establishments for free, but HMV are doing this, pre-order, for £6.99 post paid in the UK. Do yourself a favour and order this right now and support this band. Album of the year... quite possibly. - Live 4 Metal, Steve Green

"Album review (Total Guitar) 4/5"

What's this?
Retro rock 'nn' roll from Dublin-based five piece. A smorgasbord of hot riffs and lead guitar is served on this, Jaded Sun's debut album..
Any Good?
If you like Ireland's The Answer, you'll love these guys! The playing's so tight you'll swear guitarists Sean Gosker and Eorann Stafford have been replaced by groove loving, whiskey glugging robots. But then what do you expect when you've got ex Andrew WK guitarist Jimmy Coup in the co-producers chair.
In Five Words!
Rock and frecin' roll, dudes! 4/5 - Total Guitar, Stephen Lawson

"Jaded Sun Falling On The Fears EP (review)"

Tuesday November 29th 2005

Dublin band Jaded Sun's second EP embraces 1970's guitar rock while also harking back to 1990's grunge. which isn't surprising for a group who claim Led Zeppelin and White Snake as influences. Opening track Do It Again has the urgency of Whole Lotta Love, crashing into being with a trashy riff and the chorus is pushed through the vocal chords with more gravel than a cat litter tray. Singer John Maher's voice can veer between a blood-curdling screech and a gentle sandpaper. There's nothing ironic or smirking about this five-piece, which is a blessed relief.
4 out of 5

Written by Fiona Macdonald - Metro

"EP Review"

Jaded Sun

A review of their EP 'Falling On The Fears'

Review Snapshot:
This is an Ep of perennial energy that elicits comparisons with a number of established rock bands, but still makes you want to turn the volume way up.

The CLUAS Verdict? 7 out of 10.

Full review:
A small slice of kudos has to be rewarded to Dublin rock band Jaded Sun. For a long time, they have gigged extensively but never had a definite cutting edge to their sound. Now they do and this new EP is proof of that.

Despite many new bands borrowing heavily from their influences, there are few who still manage to leave a lasting impression on the listener. Jaded Sun has chose to mould their sound around John Maher’s vocals. And it is his distinctive growl that gives the band an ability to yield the enduring impact that they strive for. Of course, the other band members contribute with effective jolts of instrumentation but Maher’s singing will no doubt catch your attention straight away.

Disregard any similarities with other bands (Pearl Jam, Slash’s Snakepit, The Black Crowes) that might come to mind, as the four songs on offer here hold enough punch to entertain again and again. The production work by Chris O’Brien and Graham Murphy is to be appreciated but it is the execution of the songs that will grab your attention for the eighteen-minute duration.

The opener ‘Do It Again’ is a stomping serenade that cuts three different structures into the song, allowing Maher to weave his vocals around the jutting guitar riffs. It starts as a howling clash of driving instruments before slipping down to a tempo where the backing vocals charmingly follow the lead singer’s direction. Things then shoot to a rollicking height when each band member plays the rest of the song out at a reckless pace.

The rousing ‘Blue Blood’ feels like a Velvet Revolver tune with a steady drum beat assisting the snaring bass inserts. But what makes the song that bit more energetic is the commanding presence of Maher’s vocals. From his opening scream of ‘YEAH…C’mon’, it feels like he is on a stage trying to pump the audience up. That raw ambience is only further elevated through the superb guitar playing of Sean Gosker and Eoran Stafford. It is a proper rock tune that perfectly sums up the liveliness of this Ep.

‘Dorothy’ slightly switches the arrangement as it starts slow and gathers stride throughout the five-minute stretch. At times it feels like the band’s brave attempt at creating a Zeppelin-like story-in-a-song. But there is a digestible amount of chopping drums and wailing guitars to make the lyrical journey that bit more enjoyable. And just like the closing track ‘Hold Me’, which is much more prolonged than the rest, the key theme to the four songs is enthusiasm. It is the band’s enthusiasm to deliver each tune with a pugnacious drive crossed with their enthusiasm for the songs themselves. This in turn transforms a simple four song Ep into something that is enjoyable and equally impressive.
- Cluas.com

"Album review (AAA magazine)"

We are approaching a moment in rock music when a band comes along to transform and save the rock scene that has been slowing dying and losing the battle to homogenized industry driven crap that is being played on the radio. From Ireland comes JADED SUN, the newest messiahs of rock and roll to come rocking onto the music scene. The band step up to plate with their rocking debut,'Gypsy Trip' and hit a grand slam home run!
Jaded Sun have all the swagger and talent of a true rock and roll band. Displaying the soulful passion of such rock icon like Free combined with a heavy dose of Zeppelin and a big nasty slice of Humble Pie. The band is made up of, John Maher on vocals, the dual guitar attack of Sean Gosker and Eorann Stafford. The band's solid foundation is provided by Damien Kelly on bass and Gavan Murray on the skins.
The proof is in the pudding with tracks like, "Breaking Through" and "Crazyman", "Hey You", guitar driven rockers that will get your heart beating in no time flat. Then you have passion movers like, "Crave" and "Sweetness" that will just melt your heart and blow your mind.
The power and passion that bleeds from this band's music will draw you in, hook, line and sinker. If you've been looking for a rock band to seriously GET YOUR ROCKS OFF, Jaded Sun is here to deliver the goods for you. These lads will prove that rock n roll lives on. It's ok if you don't believe it, you'll just get left behind. I'm sure this is only the tip of the iceberg. This band is THE REAL DEAL and their music must be heard! - allaccessmagazine.com

"Album review (Hotpress)"

Still pining for ‘70’s? Jaded sun give you a slick overview of the era’s raunhy blues rock on a debut album the encompasses Stonesy riffs, Gallagher soloing, tight-trousered vocals, the panorama drama of Zeppelin and all the clichés of the genre you’re entitled to. That mélange they add their own gloss, with John Maher’s majesterial command of his vocal duties more than a ready foil for the twin axes of exil Sean Gosker and Eorann Stafford.
‘Breaking Through’ hurtles out of the speakers with barrelhouse vocals, screaming guitars and foundation-testing drums. The passion-fuelled ‘Crazyman’ oozes swagger and ‘Hey You’ has a deadly stones riff. They may ease off the throttle for the Faces-influenced ‘Crave’ and ‘Can’t Stop’, but the real killer is ‘Sweetness’, with guitar playing the echoes George Beatle’s best work.
‘He Knows Home’ and ‘She’s Got Class’ are also worth attention on an album that works as a total experience, a rarity in these downloadable days. If your tired of bands who wear out their shoes from glazing on them, Jaded Sun could be the pick up you need. 4/5

- Hotpress - Jackie Hayden


'Whiskey Drinker' EP - Released Oct. 2010

'Gypsy Trip' - debut album - release dates:
Ireland - 28/03/08
UK - 07/03/08
Spain, France, Italy, Benelux - 30/05/08
Germany, Austria - 20/06/08

'Falling On The Fears' EP - Released Dec 2005

'Raw' Ep - Released 2004



Jaded Sun, a five piece classic hard rock band from the streets of Dublin, whose debut album, ‘Gypsy Trip’, was released on SiAn Records to rave reviews at the end of March.

Classic Rock’s Essi Berelian awarded ‘Gypsy Trip’ 7/10 in their April 2008 issue, enthusing “Now, this is the kind of thing that bodes well for modern rock’n’roll – a band with classic rock influences dripping each and every pore, yet a fresh and vital approach giving them a very contemporary vibe..... Assuming we actually get a summer this year, Jaded Sun ought to be part of the soundtrack in a very big way”.

Total Guitar’s Stephen Lawson reckoned ‘The playing’s so tight you’ll swear guitarists Sean Gosker and Eorann Stafford have been replaced by groove loving, whiskey glugging robots..... In five words: Rock and feckin’ rol, dudes! 4/5.” (March 2008).

Kerrang’s Ian Winwood hailed it as “The A (C/DC) to Z (Z Top) of historical rock in one easy album…Think classic rock of a geographical type that that lies midway between London’s old Marquee Club and the United States of America…The more you drink the better this album will sound. KKK”

Hotpress' Jackie Hayden says "an album that works as a total experience, a rarity in these downloadable days. If your tired of bands who wear out their shoes from glazing on them, Jaded Sun could be the pick up you need. 4/5"

Jaded Sun were formed in 2003 and have spent the last five years honing their sound and songs down playing live in pubs and clubs all round Ireland. They released their debut self-funded single ‘Raw’ late in 2004, which broke all download records in Ireland, the track staying at the top of premier download organisation CPU’s charts for almost 30 weeks.

In 2005 top Irish rock producers Chris O’Brien (Hothouse Flowers, Aslan, Adam Clayton, Boomtown Rats) and Graham Murphy came on board and produced the band’s second EP, ‘Falling On The Fears’, which also topped the download charts and won over numerous more fans in the rock community, not least Bon Jovi, who asked Jaded Sun to support them at Ireland’s biggest music arena, Croke Park, in May 2006.

SiAn Records then signed Jaded Sun to a full album deal and encouraged an intense period of writing new songs and reshaping the best of their early compositions prior to recording the group’s debut album. SiAn then flew Jaded Sun to Los Angeles to spend seven weeks there recording, mixing and mastering ‘Gypsy Trip’ in the Autumn of 2007, with producer Richie Mouser (Dream Theatre, Weezer, Tears For Fears) and co-producer Jimmy Coup (ex-Andrew WK band guitarist).

On the European release of their debut album “Gypsy Trip” in February 2008 the band received an extremely positive response from the rock writers, across Europe and even from a number of American writers, even though the album has had no release in the USA, showing the strength of the internet and the positive word of mouth. With the positive response from the media to the album came with it European touring, to Germany & Holland in 2008. Touring continued in 2009, with the band heading to the UK, France, Holland and of course a number of Irish dates.

2009 touring finished, with an 11 date stint in Spain, 2 dates in France where they spent a week recording their up and coming EP and live DVD before heading to Gran Canaria for a show and then to India to headline a rock festival.

Currently writing for their next album, with a number of shows planned for the months ahead!

"The newest messiah’s of rock n’ roll"
(All Access Magazine, USA)

“This album is stunning”
(Live For Metal, UK)

“this is an album of top notch blues based hard rock – turn it up and enjoy” 4.5/5
(Get Ready To Rock, UK)