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Jade Fox

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The evolution of hip hop with a universal message. Music that is both entertaining and thought provoking. A true reflection of the human soul living day to day in the world that exists today, providing an undeniable connection with listeners.


In a hip-hop game dominated by male rappers, comes a refreshing new sound and look in the form of 25 year old hip hop artist, Jade Fox. The female mc, who is of Black and Asian heritage, proves that intense lyrics and crazy flows aren’t only for the guys. Combining the skills of a lyricist, mc, and a poet, Ms. Fox is able to transform beats into thought provoking masterpieces. Describing herself as “that underground female with commercial appeal,” Jade Fox shows it is possible to create entertaining music with substance, a combination not often heard in today’s pop driven market.

Born as Kimberly Glenn in Southern California, Jade moved to Maryland at the age of ten and has resided in the state ever since. At the age of nineteen she began creating hip hop music with the Baltimore based group Forwonoh (410). It was during this time that she recorded a group album and her first solo cd. Both albums were limited to release on the street level, but garnered much talk among the underground circle. Eventually the group Forwonoh decided to part ways. Jade Fox continued to create music as a solo artist, leading to her first officially released cd, Ashes of Another Life.

Blending hip hop with elements of reggae,poetry, R&B, and rock, great range is shown by the female mc through songs touching on serious aspects of living life to battle rhymes for all who doubt her. A wide range of influences which include Bob Marley, Tupac Shakur, Lauryn Hill, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix have provided a foundation for Jade Fox to create a refreshing and universal sound that is hard to place in a box. Immediately evident through her songs on the new album Ashes of Another Life, is the evolution of Jade Fox as an artist. Combining hard hitting and diverse hip hop beats, produced by 2 Minds 1 Soul Productions, and live instrumentation from musician/engineer Chris Bentley, Jade eloquently spits universally appealing rhymes through a variety of flows. Jade Fox is generating a dedicated following with her intense and highly energetic live shows that captivate the audience whether it is just her and a hypeman on stage or performing with her band. Ms. Fox offers a different look and sound than what is presented in today’s market. With her music speaking for itself as an honest form of self-expression that is entertaining and related to by many, Jade Fox is poised to become one of the top artists of hip hop.


Got 'Em Like

Written By: Lyrics by K. Glenn; Music by T. Ryland and C. Bentley

(1st verse)
Carry a calm demeanor
But hit you with the force of a desert ease heater
A natural born leader
Ya’ll lack in action like the ex-head of FEMA
Jade don’t need a breather
(Oh no, no, no, no, no)
Please, I feed of the pressure like a well oiled steamer
Listen closely enter the mind of a dreamer
Written testaments like Mathew, Luke, Peter
Ain’t no point in measuring, I’m off the meter
Off the chain, you talk the game
I walk through flames, we not the same
(Oh no, no, no, no, no)
So don’t be disillusioned
Remember you a student
I’ll show you how to do this
Keep the crowd movin’
And still say somethin’
2 Minds 1 Soul
They keep that shit bumpin’
They say females can’t spit fire
(Oh no, no, no, no, no)
They think I got a ghost writer
(Oh no, no, no, no, no)

No homie, no homie Jade don’t play around
She will lay you down
There ain’t no fakin’ now
So don’t make a sound
Or else its
Oh no kill ‘em with the flow

(2nd verse)
Ain’t a beat I can’t kill, a mountain too high
A river to deep, a sky I can’t fly
Ain’t a goal I can’t reach, a mic I can’t blaze
A star that’s too far, a stage I can’t claim
Jade Fox be the name and with God as my witness
I’m here to change the game like no man’s ever witnessed
Like no man’s ever witnessed
Get my ass in gear like a stick shift
So take it for a business or take it for a loss
If you can’t face the facts then it’s best you get lost
See I know where I’m going and gettin’ there quick
Got my finger on the button and it’s startin’ to itch
Shit I’ve gone for broke, now I’m going for rich
What you think I’m gonna stop cuz these other cat’s quit?


(3rd verse)
Here’s a penny for your thoughts, I want mils for mine
It’s dark and hell is hot but Jade’s still divine
Cut from the tailor’s cloth the origin’s design
Giving it all I got, that’s why they feel the rhyme
So wear your sunblock, I can’t conceal my shine
Not even if I tried
(Oh no, no, no, no, no)
But why would I try to deny
This drive inside
For something I wanted my whole damn life
They hoping for Jade’s collapse
For me to fade to black?
(Oh no, no, no, no, no)
They think with all the mishaps
I won’t get forward before I get back?
(Oh no, no, no, no, no)


Just Wanna Be

Written By: Lyrics by K.Glenn; Music by T. Ryland

(1st verse)
See I ain’t never need a man who could pay my bills
What’s real is the way you understand how I feel
When most other cats are out playing the field
You here focused with me trying to plan and build
And it’s so easy to communicate we both speak through flows
You never thinkin’ with the wrong head so you ain’t weak for hoes
Got many men at my door, don’t wanna creep with those
Ain’t no need to shop around, I got the good shit at home
And when life seems confusing, you’re always able to soothe me
We can kick back and watch a movie
Or study the poetry of Rumi
Or maybe we can roll a tree
Watch the sun set over the sea
Chill and just be
You and me
Don’t wanna fight, just want you huggin’ me tight
All I need is a little bit of love in my life
I got my mind right papi, got my mind right
You’re the sun I’m the moon as we align through the night
A full eclipse when we press hips
A perfect mix like Hendrix and guitar licks
Boy you know I’m down to ride for you regardless
And I ain’t never need a king just to be a queen
But I want you sittin’ on that throne next to me
A modern day Osiris and Isis
A love that’s timeless and priceless
Damn, I ain’t never felt nothing like this
That’s why I gotta be

Wanna be, gotta be, need to be
Can’t you see that it’s all destiny
Yeah it’s written in the stars like it’s written in these bars
You’re the light in my dark that’s why I give you my heart

(2nd verse)

I find perfection in your imperfections
Love how you a man of action never false intentions
The way you make my heart jump it’s like a resurrection
Even when you’re not present I can feel your essence
Don’t wanna lie when I can’t have you want you even more
But that’s cool I play my position like you play yours
It’s like our own little world behind closed doors
I feel you’re touch all the way through my soul’s core
And when I look into your eyes I know you understand
Our existence from another time and land
You got me sitting back thinking damn ain’t life grand
And it ain’t all cuz I found a man this is more than just by chance
See I wonder if you really knew
How much I can see God in you
Believe me when I say every word is true
Without a question I would give my life for you
I just wanna be


(3rd verse)
Was never one to deal with the drama of relationships
It seems that half the people in them fake the shit
As far as I’m concerned there’s no need to label this
It’s you and me til’ the end ain’t no mistakin’ it
That royal Bonnie and Clyde let’s ride into the sunset
From coast to coast you know we bout to run shit
Love is wealth and we the richest people on earth
Resurrect the Gods through birth
Best believe that I wanna be



The Journey (LP) -2001 street release
Ashes of Another Life (LP) 2007- self release; carried in record stores and internet distribution
Got 'Em Like (Single) 2007 - major radio airplay throughout Maryland and D.C.; internet radio airplay on many various stations; XM radio play

Set List

1)Energy Rise
2)Just Wanna Be
3)The Leaders Have Left Us
4)Revolution Can't Stop
5)Now or Never
6)Just the Beginning
8)Got 'Em Like
Order and length of set adjusted to show schedules
Length of set varies: from 20 min. to over an hour