Jade Hopcroft

Jade Hopcroft

 Brighton, England, GBR

Being an active songwriter, Jade draws her inspiration from both the old and new as well as from personal experience. This shines through in her lyrics, with themes of love, lust, and life lessons that capture the listener's imagination. But lyrics are not the only area she excels in. She has the unique ability to create music that is so deeply textured, and yet seem so simple. Combining this with her distinctive vocal style, impressive range, and almost haunting use of harmony, the result is so


Jade began an interest in music at the age of Seventeen yet, despite taking it up relatively late in her life, she has since garnered attention from Promoters, Industry folk, and music lovers alike with her creativity and passion.

Jade's influences, as can be seen by her style of music include the likes of Dry the River, Ellie Goulding, James Vincent McMorrow, Manchester Orchestra to name but a few and certainly help provide her with some great inspiration to create some very unique and certainly noteworthy music. Jade's live performances are also well accredited with one gig already being played as this text is written and one about to be played, there are plenty more dates to come in 2012 around the U.K

It has been said that Jade uses music as an escape from the trials of everyday life. So, seeing as she is still looking for her place in this world, why not step into hers?


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