Jade Murray

Jade Murray

 Norwich, England, GBR

Unique, soothing, touching some of the few words that have been used to describe the talent of Singer Songwriter, Ukulele player Jade Murray. Already wowed local area's with her E.P 'Hope' this songwriter is always writing, always smiling. Happy to lend a slice of entertainment to any empty plate.


Born as a busker on the streets of Norwich with nothing but a Ukulele and a voice. It's been two years since the birth of Jade Murray (gone under many names) with gigs here and there she is beginning to pick up interest from local public members, who asked curiously about a CD available.

In thought of this Jade made contacts within Open session studios and began her dive into hand-made CD's. After a two months work Jade officially released 'Hope' a seven song static masterpiece armed with originals and a few personalized covers on top. In June 2011 it was released into the busking bag. Selling over 30 copies off the street and a few more on-line Jade has caught the attention off people both home and abroad.

Through-out 2011 Jade Murray has been up and down Norwich performing in every pub/celebration/gathering/open mic nights that have passed her way. Eager to join in any jamming sessions. BlueBerry Music House has been a wholesome supplier of Jade's many gigs. She has recently performed within Open Live for the YMCA annual celebration in front of over 400 people & Green Dragon charity events.

Even more recent Jade has been preparing more spectacular covers, more genius covers for your listening, singing and dancing pleasure.


Lucy-Lu - E.P
Hope - E.P