Jaden's sound possesses a heavy yet melodic tone. From Rock, Hardcore, Alternative to even Screamo.


The members of Jaden compile a variety of different influences. Though each individual is vastly different in their music careers and lifestyle backgrounds, they have discovered the different elements needed to create a smooth, yet catchy melody inside a heavier alternative genre.

Built from a small town within the Los Angeles' county limits, Jaden strives to stand on top of the "Hollywood/Southern California" hardcore genre which in it's own redundancy, does not appeal to the large masses. Jaden thrives on deviating from the stereotypical alternative rock scene, breaking the rules of typical song writing guidelines.

Already having a positive fan base and several shows underneath their belt, Jaden continues to work hard towards their ultimate goal: love being a musician...



Written By: Jaden

Sit there!
Your chair.
Love affair.
I stare...

...blankly into your open eyes.
Attempt to justify your lies.

I need you!
You need me.
Why can't we...
...be happy?

In this imaginary state?
I tried so hard to seal our fate.

Forever, and ever. This never, endeavor.

Don't say we are trying to live our lives alone...

(Chorus): To you my love I'm sending,
this wasn't such a happy ending.
I try to mend the broken,
as words that you have spoken,
the sounds of no, no, no...
...and we fall so slow.

Please try to show yourself.
I know you hide behind so much,
you try to use it as a crutch.
We build up only to break down.

The smoke slowly rises. He is left standing in the wreck. What have I let this come to? This will all be built again...

This is what I've become...a monster!


Sudden Change of Heart

Written By: Jaden

As you walked away the colors of my life
are painted black and white
my memory of you just like a burning flame
a moment kept within me but seem to fade away

Don't go, dont go
Dont wander alone...

This life makes the tears drip from my eyes
Its made me miserable and now I'm blind
And when we say goodbye, our backs turned like a gunfight
so you and I become a memory...

And now I whisper, though you've never heard
these words of love inside your ears
and now im here to help you understand
ill be the one to fight you fears...

Dont go, dont go
dont wander alone


Crushed again, between the weight of the world
and my head up on the pavement
with blinded eyes we fall
just give up the fight, let the frontlines go
let the frontlines go...


Take It In

Written By: Jaden

I walk alone, Im breathing in your air
through the doorway its hard to see you
Falling so slow I crumble to my knees
call 911 but can you hear me...

my hands wont fix themselves
drop what you need to lose
I started this myself
I know now that I need you

so close my eyes im tired of all these lies
I am playing him tonight
I've lost myself I need some motivation
Im losing my heart and soul..


For now this caskets closed
my heart is on your floor
The choice is only yours
but now I know
I just can't let you go...



Self Titled EP (November 2008 Release)

Set List

30-40 Minute Average Set.

Set List:

1. Sudden Change of Heart
2. Complicated
3. Take It In
4. Lost In Tradegy
5. Battle
6. All Around Me