For Jaden, music is the ultimate expression of culture, conveyor of emotion, and above all, the only way of life we've ever known!

We have a diverse sound ranging from melodic RNB with big Hip Hop beats, to smooth sexy soul, to energetic upbeat Dance and Pop music.


Jaden is…

Three songwriters/musicians/producers living in Sydney and united by one thing- our zeal for music!!

Over the course of the last 8 years, we have spent our time playing in various original and covers bands, learning the delicate art of music production, and collaborating on projects with many different singers/songwriters; all of which has contributed to our path of inner musical discovery.

Each member of Jaden brings a unique set of skills and knowledge to the table. Collectively, we possess a wide range of musical abilities and influences – allowing us to excel at all things music and across many different styles.

As we immerse ourselves in everything from hip-hop to pop, soul to rock-n-roll, we hope you will join us as we continue to define our new musical reality… Jaden


In My Dreams

Written By: Nic Robertson/ Sophie Wilson

Verse 1:

We were just before our time
In the wrong place, searching for a life sign
Here we are, holding on
Incompatible, drowning with no life line

Smiling awkwardly at every turn
Unable to connect, so very close
And yet we never learn

I know you're not my one and only
But could you be my one for only just one night

And will you hold me
Cos we're both lonely tonight


In my dreams, I'd never have to tell you how you broke my heart
Show you where you tore it out
And in my dreams, I'd never have to tell you we would have to part
Our day is done, I'm moving on

Verse 2:

I walked out into the street after I left his place
Head down, glasses on
Can't let the world see my face

I'm following the wind to find my way
To where I should have been by now


No more will I be the guilty one
And no more will I be the broken one
Last time I checked I saw life out there waiting for me

Outro hook:

Step by step it wont be long
Found my way all on my own
Take my time to right the wrong
Im movin on, im movin on

10 Seconds from Mars

Written By: Nic Robertson/Joel Cangy/Cassie Wallace


10 seconds from Mars, are you ready to touchdown?
There's 20 billion stars when I look in your eyes


Don't make no sense why
I'd be anywhere but here tonight
I feel your touch boy, it takes me high
Break through the clouds, fly by the moon
Won't be too long, we'll get there soon
Close your eyes, sit back
We're landing now


Better hold on tight, hold on tight


Just you and me, nowhere else I'd rather be
There's no air, but I dont mind
Cos it's you I breathe


I've been waiting for so long (it's about to get turbulent)
So you'd better hold on, said you better hold on tight


Boy there's nothing I can say (you got me speechless)
I cant get you out my brain (love's got me going again)
Boy I'd give you all I could, cos I know for me you would
So take me, till the end of time