Jadens Move

Jadens Move


Hooking you with a sound that is personal and inviting, Jadens Move will win you over from the first song! Having just released a new EP along with their album, A Narrow Scope, the band is quickly growing a fanbase in Canada and the US! Listen to "Arrival" and "Truths..." and you will know why.


A four member group: Harmon, and the brothers Shu (Stephen, Andrew) grew up together making music. In college at Austin, Texas, they toyed with the idea of forming a band, eventually recruiting Daniel to complete their line-up. Together they began performing in clubs, talent shows, and any venue that would give them an opportunity, all the while developing a fanbase that stretches from the US to Canada. With two official EPs out, "A Narrow Scope..." and their new self-titled EP, the band has established and refined their musical identity. Their sound is best described as a mesh of British and pop rock, but their lyrics set them apart. Both conversational and vulnerable, their words show a sincerity that connects with listeners, young and old. The guys are taking full advantage of living in the great city of Austin and are excited to see just how far their songs will take them. Check them out live and be ready to see an unbelievable show!


Another Day

Written By: harmon li

is it too late to call you?
i have some things to go through
and what they are involves both you and me
is it too late to find out
to see what you’ve been about
i’m sick of being too far and in between

i’ve been so wrong, it took too long

can’t wait just for another day
won’t take you any other way
i’ve changed, please believe me
i know i’ve made mistakes but hear me say

i had a darkened vision
it stated my condition
an empty void without you here with me
to think i thought i knew
this tragedy of you
i’m sorry for not listening to your needs

i’ve been so wrong, it took too long

don’t give up on me
let me prove we’re more than faded dreams
burn brighter for me please
brighter so my heart knows you’re love redeemed

yeah i promise i’ll be better
if maybe all i offer
would have us both together
well, i can’t wait

Pressure Point

Written By: Harmon Li

well it’s been harder than it looks
when i keep messing up with things my way
maybe i never understood
when here you wait for words while i delay

and yeah i know i’m far from right
because i know just who you are, i’m not
the one who should be at your side
is that the point that i have missed, forgot?

love, don’t ever pass me by
i’m looking out for everything of you
all because you are you
love, don’t ever pass me by
i’m looking out for all that is you

and you’re the savior of my mess
the only who’s ever known it all
i try and fail, but i confess
tell me the point of why i’ll rise and fall

love, don’t ever pass me by
i’m looking out for everything of you
all because you are you
love, don’t ever pass me by
i’m looking out for everything of you
all that i know is you
love, don’t ever pass me by
i’m looking out for all that is you

love, need love
‘cause you’re love

love, don’t ever shut your eyes
you’re looking out for everything i do
again and again, it’s true

love, don’t ever shut your eyes

6:48 and

Written By: Harmon Li

waiting for the right words to say
i’m waiting but i still can’t convey
the things i’ve needed to speak aloud
to have you know just what i’m about

do you sit alone through the night
wondering ‘bout the chance i might be right
well take this hopeful opportunity
perhaps it’s all the cause we both need

from the beginning to the end
i will be singing again and again
i’m hoping to reach you, hoping you’ll hear
of how much i miss you

dreamers have their muse, so do i
but have i come to lose you by my side?
and so i’ll tell you things from my heart
the things you should have known from the start

tonight, tonight, tonight

regarding every line, they’re for you
held ransom in my mind, i had to choose
the moment where i wait, unsure to know
i’m hoping you don’t break my heart and go


Written By: Jadens Move

is this the moment we’ve been waiting for?
i can’t imagine turning this away
is this the chance we’ve all been longing for?
the day’s arrived; we’ll never be the same

you walk along in front so quietly
as beautiful as i have ever seen
and all the lines you’ve crossed have paved the way
you leave me wishing i had more to say

and how i try, oh, how i try
and how i try, oh, how i try


Written By: Jadens Move

take what you want, take what i give
leave what you don’t, but don’t leave me like this
i’m asking you to forgive and forget
love what is new, make the most of it

and all that i’ve been and all that i was is gone
don’t have to pretend, i’ll only defend what i am now

so what do i claim am i closer to you
everything’s changed and everything’s new
i haven’t a prayer, but i do have you
so take what you please, it’s the least i can do for you

and all that i’ve been and all that i was is gone
don’t have to pretend, i’ll only defend what i am now
it’s better this way, it’s better with you, it was
it’s better this way, progress is made with you, my love

Truths, Not Revelations

Written By: Jadens Move

it seems that i’ve run out of time
the day’s quickly ending its life
but here i’m refusing to end
don’t leave thinking we’ve made amends

you say i’ve been losing my mind
i say, give me patience to find
one chance, can we sort out this mess?
my eyes telling what i confess

all this time i fooled myself to be someone i hoped you would need, did i fool you too?
did i give up and leave too soon, all i need’s the truth

it’s here that you’ll have to decide
whether we’re worth the efforts we’ve tried
it’s here that you will have to choose
but it’s me risking you to lose

don’t you hide, love, don’t be reticent, i have only this request, that you speak your mind
and say all the words you’ve longed to say, i won’t turn away

it’s you, you’re the one that i see
and you’re the one that i need
you’re just the one that i need

it’s you, you’re the one i must find
and you’re the one on my mind
you’re just the one on my mind

so let me know…


A Narrow Scope... (2005)
Jadens Move EP (2006)

Set List

70 minute setlist of 12-15 songs. very flexible though. all originals, usually

Another Day
Pressure Point
Let's Pretend
6:48 and
(cover song)
Only Silhouettes
Oh My Soul
Cynics and Poets
Truths, Not Revelations
October Skies