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“5/5 STARS” from Christian Music Guide ~ Fun Contemporary Christian music with the intelligence and real-life experience to appeal to adults and the ENERGY to ignite younger audiences. Great for all ages.


"Sholty is all heart!” – Kevan Breitinger, Christian Music Guide

"Sholty’s voice is strong and commanding on every track... Lyrics like this point out the authentic relevance which endears Sholty to her audience.... " - Ken Mowery, Indie-Music.com

"Her stage presence is captivating and her delivery is at once demanding of your attention, and yet warm and intimate. God and His grace are present and very evident in her music, and Jade’s style makes you feel as if she is singing just for you.” - Gary Schippling, Event Director - Faithfest Music Festival, Michigan

Born and raised in the Midwest, Jade’s heartfelt lyrics and melodies have struck an honest chord with audiences from Ohio to Louisville to Chicago. Her writing and perspective come from someone who has had the same struggles we have, doing a full time career, raising kids, trying to juggle life while keeping God as priority. Now joined by a full band, the appeal is even great to all audiences. Her music ranges from upbeat, edgier tunes celebrating God’s passion for us and His gift of family and life to poignant melodies soothing hard questions hard questions, sickness and death. Her style speaks to all ages and she regularly receives enthusiastic correspondence from kids, teens and adults alike.

Jade has shared her story and music in churches, at festivals, cable television and now radio. Jade has been a featured artist on "Mom's That Rock", "MyCCM (My Contemporary Christian Music)", "The Spirit Radio", Indiemusic.net and featured music artist at the "Say What You Mean" conference. Jade and all the members of the band have an enthusiasm and energy that reaches out to people of all walks of life. Their goal is to 'connect' and 'energize' so audiences feel uplifted and certain that no dream is too big for God.



Written By: Jade Sholty

Gotham city is in trouble tonight
But I'm too old for Batman now
The Daily Planet makes stars of the bad guys
And even Superman can't slow that down

Wonder Woman got a full time job
Her kids watch all her rerun shows
I need a hero that is flesh and blood
And there's only one real hero that I know
Jesus, you are my hero

You walk on water and You move the stars
Your X-ray vision sees straight to my heart
You've got might power and saving love
You're my hero, Jesus

Spiderman can scale a building at night
But he can't save a world in fear
Flash was fast, but you are faster than light
As you're drying each and every tear
Jesus, you are real and you are here


Our stores are filled with action heroes on the shelves
But there's only one real hero that can help


The Healing Song (On My Knees)

Written By: Jade Sholty

Feeling sick again today
I’m too tired to fight the pain
I feel my confidence give way
Lord, I need your help today

Slowly I kneel down by my bed
And on Your lap I lay my head
I feel Your warmth upon my face
As I enter Your secret place

When I’m on my knees, praying at Your feet
I feel Your healing light shine down on me
Down on my knees, is where You lift me
High above my fears into Your peace
(On my knees, I find Your peace)

I wait in Your presence now
I feel the power coming down
I feel Your love fill every part
As the joy returns to my heart


I won’t move until Your voice bids me to go
Your healing light fills every corner of my soul
On Your strength I will make it through this day
Because there’s just no other way, Lord I need You


One Breath at a Time

Written By: Jade Sholty

Feels like I've lost too much, don't know how I will go on
My heart's hurting and I'm feeling crushed, and it seems all hope is gone

And I wonder, how will I make it through
And now Lord, I am asking You

And You say,
Just one breath at a time
Put Your hand in mine
And everything will be alright
One breath at a time
One breath at a time

I know someday the pain will fade and I have to carry on
But a new day can feel like too much, when a minute feels so long

And now Lord, I am asking You
You've gotta help me, help me make it through


I breathe in and I breathe out
You help me breathe again, I'm gonna make it somehow


Bring Me to Life

Written By: Jade Sholty

Dark and empty, I recognize this place
How did I get back inside this cave
I've been here before and I know you're the only door
Bring me to life

I can't move this rock I'm trapped here by my fear
Feels like my heart has all but disappeared
But I know Your name and I know I can leave this place
Bring me to life

Roll back the stone Jesus, free my heart
Unwrap me from this shroud of doubt
Let your light shine in Jesus,
take me by the hand and lead me out
Bring me to life

Distracted by the world I lose sight of your love
And I call on You to raise me up
You know my name and I know there's more to this day
Bring me to life


There is no life like the life that is in you
My heart was dead, but now it beats with truth
What I thought was life was just a shallow dream
You bring real life to me
Bring me to life


Deliver Me

Written By: Jade Sholty

Speeding through our days so fast that life can pass you by
Watching the world spin wildly and I've gotta wonder why
Chasing down endless paths while my faith sits on a shelf
Won't you help me slow down, won't you save me from myself

Deliver Me, Oh Lord
Deliver Me
Deliver me, Oh Lord
Deliver Me, Deliver Me

Yearning for an elusive peace, that I just can't find
Will this endless chasing stop before I lose my mind
Feeling fear and loneliness in a world with so much noise
Help me to quiet down so I can hear Your voice


I know that you've conquered all before Me
I know that I've no reason to fear
I know that this world is just illusion
And I know there's a happy ending near


Undying Love

Written By: Jade Sholty

I give up my crown and robes tonight
To be with you and bring some light
From a God who reigns over all
to a baby born in cold straw

My perfect hands will scar and they will bleed
And I will pound nails and plant the seed
And I wonder will you recognize me
As I walk with you, will you see

My undying love, for you
I'll cross space and time to hold your hand and prove
My undying love, for you
I'll live with you to show you're not alone
And I'll die so I can bring you home
And I won't rest until you know
My undying love

You will see me cry and share your pain
And I will heal your hearts and show the way
To the life I've meant just for you
I'll do all I can to show you


And even as they pound in the nails
I will whisper your name to angels


Cling to Your Heart

Written By: Jade Sholty

Cling to Your Heart

© Jade Sholty and God

The world can move so fast, you blink, it’s gone
I struggle to keep up, to just hold on
The more I cling to this world, the more it passes through like sand
I’m going to drop my load and free my hands

I will cling to Your heart, I will live in your shelter
I will cling to Your heart, ‘cause Your love lasts forever and ever
Does it make You sad to see us running

As you hold out Your hand to a world that’s drowning
We hold so tightly to things, that will only make us sink
I’m going to trade in these weights for greater things

Chorus 2
I will cling to Your heart, I will live in Your shelter
I will cling to Your heart, because Your love lasts forever
And I’ll cling to Your heart, Lord, You are my treasure
And I’ll cling to Your ehart, because Your loves lasts forever and ever


I will hold on to what is real
Get rid of all my cares and fears
I won’t be fooled by what the world shows me
Because Your heart is reality

Quiet Chorus
And I’ll cling to Your heart, I will live in Your shelter
I will cling to Your heart because Your love lasts forever

Full Band Comes in
I will cling to Your heart, Lord You are my treasure
I will cling to Your heart, because Your love lasts forever
And ever, And ever, And ever

My Father's Love

Written By: Jade Sholty

I watch you as you fall asleep
Precious child with my heartbeat
And I marvel at the love you bring out in me, in me

Loving Father now I see
How deep a Father's love can be
And I'm humbled at the way You love me

There's nothing greater than my Father's love
Nothing shines as Brightly as His love
And I can feel your love for me In my heart with every beat
There's nothing greater than my Father's love

My little child, I pray you know
Our Father's love that blessed us so
He has breathed His life into our souls

And with every passing hour
His gentle love with awesome power
Let it rain down, like a great sunshower, sunshower




Debut CD - "One Breath at a Time"

"Hero" is on 55 radio stations and climbing.

Also receiving airplay:

"The Healing Song (On My Knees)"
"My Father's Love"
"Inside Out"
"Bring Me to Life"

Set List

Sets vary between 50 minutes and 75 minutes. Content also varies based on the needs of the event. We do a lot of originals and also a lot of familiar Worship favorites.

Generally a more intimate acoustic portion is sandwiched between higher energy portions. New songs are being added all the time to the set list.

Originals song list:
"Cling to Your Heart"
"Inside Out"
"The Healing Song"
"Deliver Me"
"Bring Me to Life" - high energy
"Hero" - (fun moment with audience members on stage)
"One Breath at a Time"
"New Day (Aaron's Song)"
"Do You Think I'm Beautiful"
"Mercy Knew My Name"
"Cross the Line"
"Heaven Bound"
"Don't Block My Sun" - Funky and upbeat

We also do a lot of worship music including songs by Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Lincoln Brewster, Israel, Matt Redman, Delirious, Newsboys and more.

Holiday favorites also available upon request.