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Jade Sholty - One Breath at a Time
By Kevan Breitinger
Posted on Christian Music Guide - About.com
Saturday, July, 2005


Jesus Christ is her hero, and it shows. These tunes are bright and very Jesus-centered without being at all preachy. Her voice is clear as the proverbial bell. She has a good time performing and the party is contagious. There’s a whole lot to like in One Breath at a Time - miss it and you’ll kick yourself for weeks.

The Pros - The Cons - The Basics

• Upbeat and energetic, Sholty is all heart

• Her voice rings with sincerity

• She clearly has a heart to reach across the generations

• Still looking for one

The Review

You don’t need to read her bio to know this girl is from the Midwest. There’s a subtle little twang just waiting to bust through every line she sings. But it works, it totally works. It only adds to the strongest quality of Sholty’s music: her sincerity. There is a tone of truth that comes across strong in every song and it serves to draw you in. Whether you’re a fan of pop or not, she wins you over because she is so real.

Jade Sholty wrote each tune on her debut CD, accompanied by Morgan Cryar on only one. The first thing that stands out as you listen is her versatility; she can rock, she can wail, and she can make you laugh. If you think I’m kidding, check out opener, “Hero”, an ode to Batman and Gotham City. Sholty can reach young people and she can reach their parents. Her songs bring a warm touch of humor and humanity. You know she’s a parent, and you know that she has struggled; it only makes you like her more.

~ Kevan Breitinger
- Christian Music Guide

Indie-Music Review: Jade Sholty
By Ken Mowery
Posted on Indie-Music.com

Artist: Jade Sholty

CD: One Breath at a Time

Style: Contemporary Christian

Quote: “Her mature lyrics reflect the resolute wisdom of one who has chosen to face real life struggles with faith, hope and love.”

On her new CD, One Breath At A Time, Jade Sholty sings about life and the real day-to-day issues that most of us face. However, as the opening track clearly declares, Sholty has a “Hero” who helps her.

There is nothing trite, no “Sunday School-ish” shallow answers in the songs Sholty writes. Her mature lyrics reflect the resolute wisdom of one who has chosen to face real life struggles with faith, hope and love. In “Cling To Your Heart,” Sholty clues listeners in on the basis of the hope that sustains her when she says, “I will cling to Your heart because Your love lasts forever, and ever.”

She sheds more light on the nature of this love in “Inside Out,” where she sings,”Your love is every time, everywhere You love me, and You love that guy who just cut me off on I-95.” Lyrics like this point out the authentic relevance which endears Sholty to her audience. There are many points in the CD when listeners will at least think to themselves, “That’s exactly how I feel.”

In songs like “Bring Me To Life,” Sholty acknowledges that she too has times of doubt and darkness which are common to all people, but through her faith, she finds new life. This song also stands out as one of the brightest musical performances on the CD and seems to introduce a subtle change in the complexion of the project. Sholty’s voice is strong and commanding on every track, but there is a vocal flexibility and intensity on “Bring Me To Life” that builds throughout the song and even carries over into the next couple of tunes. This section of the recording may well be the vocal, emotional and contextual climax of the CD.

There are also stellar guitar, keyboard, bass and drum performances on this recording produced, engineered and mixed by Morgan Cryar. The end result is an uplifting and enjoyable CD with a relevant message for anyone facing the challenges of adult life in the 21st century.
- Indie-Music

It is quite evident when listening to Jade Sholty's newer CD, One Breath At A Time, her song writing and vocal talents are God given. All the songs are original and written by Jade, except for one, which was co-authored. This collection contains upbeat, kid-friendly songs such as "Hero" and "Inside Out," however the entire mix of songs relates to the joys and struggles we experience during our Christian walk here on earth. At the moment, "I Want To Sing" is my favorite song from this CD. But, I enjoy listening and singing along with all the songs, and I know that as life circumstances always change, so will my favorite pick from this collection.

Relating to the recent devotional I posted on the site, I'll end this review by sharing some of the lyrics from the song "Set Me On Fire."

Set me on fire
I want to be inspired
Let Your love in me burn stronger,
and brighter. Lord, set me on fire.

For more information about this inspiring CD, visit www.jadesholty.com or send email to jadeinfo@jadesholty.com

REVIEW PART 2 - Kids's Review

Jade Sholty - One Breath At A Time
Reviewed by: Jessica - 9 years old
Raegan - 8 years old

Awesome! Good! She is really good at making songs and singing them. Her voice is very good!! Our favorite song is "Hero!" The coolest song is "Inside Out," our second favorite. The music is awesome! Her entire CD is excellent. Her songs are Christian-like. ;) Our third favorite sone is "Cling To Your Heart." It is awesome! Make sure to buy it soon. ;) - Christian Moms Network

For those who live a life of faith; who’ve acknowledged Jesus as their Lord and Savior, Jade Sholty’s “One Breath at a Time” will be a breath of fresh air for you. For those who have not come to know Jesus yet, it may be a hard album to understand depending on your spiritual background. It is an album with a focus on the power and the joy of faith and it is most uplifting and comforting to listen to.

Jade starts off with the track “Hero”, and she reminds us that with all the superhero movies that are in the theaters these past few years, the only real superhero is the one who died for us and he is the only one worthy of our time and praise. The rest of the album brushes on different aspects of faith, from keeping in mind that God’s love is eternal to remembering to look at people from the inside and not for their outward appearances.

Her voice has a decent range that is powerful and yet sweet and graceful and it conveys her wonderful words with a joy that is truly heartfelt. She has the ability to touch your heart and deepen your faith by the sound of her voice and words from her mouth.

The music on the album takes a back seat to the lyrics, but most Christian albums tend to be that way. However, the music also helps set the inspirational and uplifting tone and is well played and produced. You will be moved by the great beat of songs like “Set Me On Fire” and “Bring Me To Life”. But equally important are the slower tracks like “Undying Love” and “On My Knees”, inspiration fills every note on this wonderful album.

In closing, I recommend “One Breath at a Time” to help lift your spirit especially for those times when you’re not feeling the best. Jade will help you regain your focus and remind you that God is near and you are not alone.

Jade will be featured on Chicago Music Guide in November with an interview, to find out more about her, check back on our site then.

Also on 10/21, Jade performs live on WYLL Chicago radio, joining Scott Thomas on his show with stories and songs - 4pm central time. You can tune into WYLL radio live by going to http://www.wyll.com/default.asp and clicking the 'listen live' link at the top of the page.

5 of 5 Stars

Dennis M. Kelly - Chicago Music Guide

The Jade Sholty Band is based in the midwest and the flavor is evident in the music. Sholty's voice is energetic and warm. In addition to her vocals Jade Sholty plays the guitar and flute. Backed by a strong band consisting of (Larry Masnovi keyboards), (Jeff Fite, drums), (Chip McCall, Rhythm Guitar), (John Tow, Bass), and (Chris Moore, Lead Guitar). The debut release, "One Breath at a TIme" is a strong collection of catchy songs with well written lyrics. Jade's lyrics, more than not, take on a story form and that's a good thing. Her vocal delivery feels personal and truthful. She sings with a smile and that smile is contagious.

The title track is a fine example of Sholty's abilities.

In the Contemporary Christian world it's necessary to deliver a message that can build hope in the weakest of us. This song does that. I know someday the pain will fade and I have to carry on But, a new day can feel like too much, when a minute feels so long And now Lord, I am asking You You've gotta help me, help me make it through And You say, Just one breath at a time Put Your hand in mine And everything will be alright One breath at a time lyrics Jade SholtyT he uplifting "Hero" is on 55 radio stations and counting. It's a foot tapping faith filled song. The country influenced "Bring Me To Life" is another song in which Sholty is reaching out to her God for help. The arrangement is strong as always. I could hear this creation in any church in the country. One of my favorites on her Sonicbids EPK is "The Healing Song (On My Knees). Sholty's vocals are in particularly strong. The chorus is addictive and meaningful."Deliver Me" is another one of her radio friendly tunes. The keyboard highlights and country twang on the guitar are attractive to the ear.

Jade has the trick of dynamic arrangement down pat on this entire effort.All around The Jade Sholty Band is delivering from soul music. This music is meant for every God fearing person, children and adults. It's meaningful and heartfelt. Thanksgiving suggestion? How about some Jade Sholty on turkey day playing under your family time? In addition to giving thanks to your Lord for all of the good things He's given you, add one more to the plate...Jade Sholty.Go to http://www.sonicbids.com/JadeSholty and http://jadesholty.com for your dose of happiness.
- World Voice News


Debut CD - "One Breath at a Time"

"Hero" is on 55 radio stations and climbing.

Also receiving airplay:

"The Healing Song (On My Knees)"
"My Father's Love"
"Inside Out"
"Bring Me to Life"



"Sholty is all heart!” – Kevan Breitinger, Christian Music Guide

"Sholty’s voice is strong and commanding on every track... Lyrics like this point out the authentic relevance which endears Sholty to her audience.... " - Ken Mowery, Indie-Music.com

"Her stage presence is captivating and her delivery is at once demanding of your attention, and yet warm and intimate. God and His grace are present and very evident in her music, and Jade’s style makes you feel as if she is singing just for you.” - Gary Schippling, Event Director - Faithfest Music Festival, Michigan

Born and raised in the Midwest, Jade’s heartfelt lyrics and melodies have struck an honest chord with audiences from Ohio to Louisville to Chicago. Her writing and perspective come from someone who has had the same struggles we have, doing a full time career, raising kids, trying to juggle life while keeping God as priority. Now joined by a full band, the appeal is even great to all audiences. Her music ranges from upbeat, edgier tunes celebrating God’s passion for us and His gift of family and life to poignant melodies soothing hard questions hard questions, sickness and death. Her style speaks to all ages and she regularly receives enthusiastic correspondence from kids, teens and adults alike.

Jade has shared her story and music in churches, at festivals, cable television and now radio. Jade has been a featured artist on "Mom's That Rock", "MyCCM (My Contemporary Christian Music)", "The Spirit Radio", Indiemusic.net and featured music artist at the "Say What You Mean" conference. Jade and all the members of the band have an enthusiasm and energy that reaches out to people of all walks of life. Their goal is to 'connect' and 'energize' so audiences feel uplifted and certain that no dream is too big for God.