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Jad Fair

Manor, Texas, United States

Manor, Texas, United States
Band Rock Punk


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Everyone Knew ... But Me (Press, 1983)
Monarchs (Iridescence, 1984)
Best Wishes (Iridescence, 1987)
Great Expectations (Bad Alchemy, 1989)
Attack of Everything (Paperback, 1990)
I Like It When You Smile (Paperhouse, 1992)
Short Songs (Smells Like Records, 1993)
Greater Expectations (Psycho Acoustic Sounds/TEC. Tones, 1995)
Jackpot, Songs and Art (Paperback, 1997)
Spooly Tales (Book & CD, 1997)
Sunshiney Sunshine (download)
[edit]Compilation Albums
Mr. Snail's Halloween Party (Snail Sounds, 2005)
The Zombies of Mora-Tau (Press, 1982)
Jad Fair EP (Seminal Twang, 1991)
"Good Day" - (Arts & Crafts Series Vol. 1, ?)
"Three Cycles" (France, 2005)
"Samantha" (Third Uncles Records, 2009)
[edit]With David Fair
Jad and David Fair - Best Friends (UK Vesuvius, 1996)
Jad and David Fair - 26 Monster Songs for Children (Kill Rock Stars, 1998)
Jad and David Fair - Six Dozen Cookies (2006)
David and Jad Fair - Halloween Songs (Thick Syrup Records, 2008)
David and Jad Fair - I'll Be Moe (Thick Syrup Records, 2009)
[edit]With Daniel Johnston
Jad Fair and Daniel Johnston - It's Spooky (50 Skidillion Watts, 1989)
The Lucky Sperms - Somewhat Humorous (Jagjaguwar, 2001)
[edit]With Kramer
Jad Fair and Kramer - Roll Out The Barrel (1988, Shimmy-Disc)
Jad Fair and Kramer - The Sound of Music. An Unfinished Symphony in 12 Parts (1998, Shimmy-Disc/Knitting Factory)
[edit]In Mosquito
Mosquito - Oh No Not Another Mosquito My House Is Full of Them! (Psycho Acoustic Sounds, 1993)
Mosquito - Time Was (ERL/Smells Like Records, 1993)
Mosquito - UFO Catcher (Japan. Time Bomb, 1993)
Mosquito - Cupid's Fist (Hol. Red Note, 1994)
[edit]With Nao
Jad and Nao - Half Robot (Paperhouse, 1993)
Jad and Nao - Half Alien (Sakura Wrechords Japan, 1997)
Jad and Nao - Half Monster (Misc. Music, 2008)
[edit]With The Pastels
Jad Fair and The Pastels - This Could Be the Night EP (Paperhouse, 1991)
Jad Fair and The Pastels - No. 2 EP (Paperhouse, 1992)
[edit]With The Shapir-O Rama
Jad Fair & The Shapir-O'Rama - We Are the Rage (Japan. Avant) 1996
I Like Your Face - Jad Fair & Shapir-O'Rama (1999)
We Are the Rage - Jad Fair & the Shapir-O Rama (2002)
[edit]With Teenage Fanclub
Teenage Fanclub and Jad Fair - Words Of Wisdom And Hope (Domino, 2002)
Teenage Fanclub and Jad Fair - "Near To You" (Geographic, 2002)
Teenage Fanclub and Jad Fair - "Always In My Heart" (Alternative Tentacles, 2002)
Teenage Fanclub and Jad Fair - "Like a Monkey in a Zoo" (Pema, 2006)
[edit]With Jason Willett
Jason Willett/Jad Fair/Gilles Rieder (Megaphone) (1992)
Jason Willett & Jad Fair - It's All Good (Megaphone Limited) (1995)
Jad Fair & Jason Willett - Honeybee (Dr Jim's, 1996)
Jad Fair & Jason Willett - The Mighty Super-Heroes (Marginal Talent, 1997)
Jad Fair & Jason Willett - Wonderful World (Shrimper) (1997) triple cassette
Jad Fair & Jason Willett - Twister (Dark Beloved Cloud) (1997)lp
Jason Willett & Jad Fair - We're Going to the Moon (Megaphone Limited) cd (1998)
Jad Fair & Jason Willett - Wild (Megaphone Limited) (1998) cd
Jad Fair & Jason Willett - The Mighty Hypnotic Eye (Dr Jim's) (1999) cd
Jad Fair & Jason Willett - Enjoyable songs (Alternative tentacles) lp & cd (1999)
Jad Fair & Jason Willett - The Attack of Everything (Paperback + cd) (2002)
Jad Fair & Jason Willett - Superfine (public eyesore) (2005) cd
Jad Fair & Jason Willett - "Punk Rock" (Chlorophyl, 1996)
Jad Fair & Jason Willett - "The Corpse is Missing" (Slab-O-Concrete, 1996)
[edit]With Yo La Tengo
1998: Yo La Tengo - Strange But True (an album based on the unusual stories taken from the Strange but True column of newspapers)
[edit]With Phono-Comb
In A Haunted House 7" (Derivative Records, 1995)
Monsters, Lullabies...and the Occasional Flying Saucer CD (Shake the Record, 1996)
[edit]Other Side Projects
Between Meals - Oh No I Just Knocked Over a Cup of Coffee (Iridescence, 1983)
Coo Coo Rocking Time - Coo Coo Party Time (50 Skidillion Watts, 1990)
Workdogs in Hell - Workdogs in Hell (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 1993)
Strobe Talbot - 20 Pop Songs (Alternative Tentacles, 2001)
Jad Fair and R. Stevie Moore - FairMoore (Old Gold, 2002)
Jad Fair & Bill Wells - Whale EP (Friends And Relatives Records)

With Half Japanese
Studio Albums
Half Alive (50 Skidillion Watts, 1977)
Half Gentlemen/Not Beasts (Armageddon, 1980)
Loud (Armageddon, 1981)
Horrible (Press, 1982)
Our Solar System (Iridescence, 1985)
Sing No Evil (Iridescence, 1985)
Music To Strip By (50 Skidillion Watts, 1987)
Charmed Life (50 Skidillion Watts, 1988)
The Band That Would Be King (50 Skidillion Watts, 1989)
We Are They Who Ache with Amorous Love (TEC Tones, 1990)
Fire In the Sky (Safe House, 1993)
Hot (Safe House, 1995)
Bone Head (Alternative Tentacles, 1997)
Heaven Sent (Emperor Jones, 1997)
Hello (Alternative Tentac



I'm a founding member of Half Japanese and have recorded with
Yo La Tengo, Daniel Johnston, Kramer, Monster Party, Jason Willett, Lumberob, Richard Hell, Strobe Talbot, The Tinklers, Naofumi Ishimaru, Mosquito, Moe Tucker, The Pastels, Teenage Fanclub, Phono-comb, Terry Adams, Mosquito and R. Stevie Moore.