JADIS is a seven piece alternative/rock band with four leading ladies putting their breathtakeing harmonies to alternative/rock music. Enjoy the ride! JADIS also plays acoustic rock as a six piece band.


Jadis brings a strong message through their creative empathetic music and lyrics. Our music takes you to the edge. Each member of the band lends their own style and gutsy sense of musical freedom that brings Jadis to life. The ladies combine breathtaking harmonies to a alternative/rock style of music,, leaves you wanting more!


JADIS (Acousic Album) 1999
Slow Down (Rock Album) 2001
Cabin Door (Live Acoustic Album) 2004
Only Human (Live Acoustic Album) 2005
Only Human (Live Acoustic DVD) 2005
Playing with Madness (Rock Album)(be released at end of Oct 2005)

Set List

Jadis plays orginals and a verity or covers. Jadis can play either 3 sets of 1 hour or 4 sets of 45 minutes. The covers Jadis plays are from classic rock to 80's and 90's rock depending of venue. Jadis has over 100 orginals that leave you wanting more!